Sunday, August 12, 2018

Another night of foreign land

Tonight's fair was Italian American via New Jersey ending up in Florida... ahhhh Bocca Lupo Coal Fired Pizzas, but the clean kind of coal, bud dump bum!
Actually, Hubby had a sausage personal Calzone and I had a spinach one, and he ate the whole thing and I ate only a quarter of mine! More leftovers!
Also with that order was a Greek salad that was a small, but actually enormous and the whole thing was left untouched! Not eaten by either of us.
As also the cannoli, maybe later, we got just the one to split.
Sadly my tummy again betrayed me.
Oh well.
I took all my prescribe medications, Pepcid Complete, Gas X, and my morning and afternoon Nexiums... I have got to figure this out.
Oh well.

Could be due to curry duck for lunch again, probably. (Still have another serving left) But curry is supposed to be so healthy due to its main ingredient being turmeric. Here's the list of fifteen reasons why we should all include it in our diets:

And yes, it is spicy like jalapenos are, and they too have the benefit of raising your metabolism.
Thus explaining my tummy discomfort.
Although, we stopped keeping them in the house and I only get them on salads when ordering take out like from Subway. I get all their salad offerings!

"8. Eat spices. Jalapeno peppers, chilies, and cinnamon, among other spices, speed up your metabolism. Add spices to your daily meals for improved taste and health benefits. For additional help, take advantage of the many resources and helpful guides that will help you in your effort to gain life while losing weight."
Thanks to:

I keep thinking stomach pain is MY trade off?
Oh well.

And I do use cinnamon too, love it! ( But not at the same time, since that would be yucky!) Homemade French toast and pancakes are great with cinnamon and of course vanilla!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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