Sunday, July 1, 2018

Today is the day!

That I tried to get back into our pool and guess what... and I did! Hubby verified with me that the chemicals, chlorine and pH that they were all within normal range. The water temperature is of a rain cooled 84 degrees F, all clean too, as well as Hubby putting up the sail cloth so I was good to go! And so I did for nearly an hour. I had requested Hubby get the pool ready as another birthday present for me. No more excuses, although mine have all been legitimate. So I lathered on the zinc oxide, adorned myself with my oversized straw hat, and perched my sunglasses on the bridge of my nose and in I went!
Everything was just perfect except I was all alone in that somewhat tiny pool. Hubby a few years ago decided he no longer enjoyed swimming, this guy who is Naui Scuba Certified diver, and who not only water skied he had taught it as a teen in the Poconos, but no more, oh well. Then my next pool companion I was hoping for was Aussie. I was going to make him water safe, but no cajoling him would work, even trying the collar and lead way, he slipped out again and took off! Yep, that adorable nautical harness that we had gotten him a couple of weeks ago was eaten through that same day! So back to a collar, but with his thick fur it is hard to find the right adjustment with fear of making it too tight! Oh well. 
But I did have fun anyway.

Now this chair is a new project, another neighbor's curbside trash find.
It is pretty nasty looking ratty rattan needing glueing and much TLC, the cushion  is/was filthy, but most of the fabric is intact, don't know yet if I will rip it all off and just save the foam or toss the whole thing, definitely it will be recovered with indoor /outdoor fabric from JoAnn's, the rattan will be spray painted white.  After Hubby determined that I wanted it he went and got it with the hand truck, not too obvious... hmm. Anywho, today so far the cushion was tossed into the heavily chlorinated pool, but of course and I hosed off and sprayed Lysol on the rattan. Aussie in the photo is checking it out after some water had been drained from the seat as I slipped the seat back on since I hadn't photographed yet for the whole process to be recorded.
Oh Hubby had gotten me my earbuds from Best Buys a while ago too, and today dinner was purchased from below: It was also forgotten to be staged prior to eating most all of it, Hubby and I shared a Bar Harbor Lobster Bake with a Caesar salad, lobster tails, scallops, shrimp and mussels tomatoes over linguine with cheesy buns on the side! More lefover for tomorrow too!
 Dessert was buttercream marble cake below from Publix bakery: And this is minus only one tiny and one more hefty piece for Hubby, the rest will be a few weeks servings, and some will be frozened too!
Number One Son and his Number One Gal texted me a happy birthday this morning, and then later on called us to tell us that his smaller 26' sailboat was sold today, yay! They were on their way home by way of the ATM to deposit the money, then deciding on where to eat. I suppose that is one happy birthday with good news for me!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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