Sunday, July 29, 2018


You know something...I very nearly copied and pasted the Orange Frothy Guy's tweet about the ultimatum about him saying he would shut the government down if "his wall" is not voted on and accepted by the Democrats!
What is he a toddler having a tantrum... I was waiting for an "or else" that he did express with his stubborn rhetoric about shutting down the government if he doesn't get "his way"!


I am seriously beginning to believe that discussing any of his asinine commentary in the form of his tweets is detrimental to our country's psyche and I will try harder to refrain from such retaliatory tit for tat comments!
It really is like arguing with a three year old!
Frustration mostly because you know that they just do not understand, get it, ya know?
Although, ours, sons that is, were superior and did understand logical reasoning, even at toddler ages! Not all men are created equal when it comes to logical thinking, it does appear.

Moving on...

The weather is either too hot or too rainy, as we sadly all know nationally and internationally!
So not conducive to staying outside, true?
Basically not safe.
Global warming.
So in we go,hopefully in temperature controlled rooms...

Aside from doing mundane indoor tasks, technologically entertaining one's self is doable and very necessary to stay out of the doldrums, as long as utilities are functioning, i.e. electric. Good old fashioned cards or board games, or even an excellent book is a way to get your mind temporarily off of and can easily also distract you from reality! 
 Mind vacations are nifty and cost effective!

Staying calm helps to keep your cool, figuratively and actually!
A win win!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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