Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mostly done!

                                       Hubby reminded me of the dock lights already there.
                                         So the additional lights are temporarily nixed.
                      The coolness of the tiki hut can be attributed to the same concept as a much larger sun                                               umbrella concept that is quite a bit sturdier.

                                    Things yet to be done are: placement of the table or not if UV ruined those                                                older molded heavy duty latticed designed plastic chairs.
                   Other decorations will come over time... right now I have one of those hand painted palm                                     fronds from my cousin that he had painted years ago that could begin the                                                    concept, it does have that island tiki look to it.

                 Then we have a few DIY building options, a banquette seating arrangement, or benches or                                make a swing out of the metal frame from the old couch from the sunroom, with               putting wooden slats on it! Hubby can build any of those fairly easily from left over decking!
     Or find and buy new molded chairs, which would be the easiest, we will see what we will see.
     The table is already recycled white plastic pipe legs from our first table thirty-two years ago on the other coast pool side set with a newer deck rectangular wooden table top from the leftover removed dock boards. All from when the dock was reconfigured a few months ago.So the possibilities are endless!
                    I came up with a DIY craft project indoors for me, hand painted colorful kitchen cupboard handles, everything from stripes to polka dots to metallics. I have all my acrylic paints and brushes in my craft drawer in the laundry room with my plastic drop cloth, get the sand paper from the garage via Hubby to rough the surfaces to take the paint...oh my and all of it... in my kitchen, mine are so blah, white spoon shaped handles on white raised paneled cabinets, screaming ordinary!
Thinking about it...I'll get back to you.

Phillips screwdriver to take them all off... but I am not so capable as I once was, and Hubby does have so much to do... but there are only twenty-three handles... really... shouldn't take that long, maybe?
Thinking, thinking, thinking, planning, planning, planning... and if I don't like it, all it will take is high gloss white Rustoleum to change them back! Just a couple of cans... so why not?
Ta Da!

On that note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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