Friday, June 15, 2018

Happy Fathers Days' Weekend?

I bet everyone who has their poppas, pop pops, dad, daddies, granddads, grandfathers et al alive and well or closeby are celebrating that fact as well as all those good times that they can remember and make more all weekend long, yay! YOU MUST CELEBRATE!

Our fathers are long gone, and our sons are in Florida too, but far away even here.
The most Hubby will get, not unlike me is a phone call, but Geez that's good.
We have no grands to hear from yet.

So we not unlike many people without any children will just have another day added in, checked off for the year...oh well...remember how lucky you are to be able to celebrate and sure I am a bit jealous!

I can think of two people right now whose husbands are no longer here due to them passing away, and for them I am sure their legacy for one being all their children and a bumper crop of grandchildren are thinking of their loss sadly but fondly and their loved ones are deeply missed.
My heartfelt thoughts are with everyone like myself who have lost their pops/dads/grand-dads, you get the idea!

Just like Mother's Day happiness and sadness occurs.
Loss is like that.

But people please do not forget to say that you love these people!
You never know how long you have, seriously.

Here are some photos of happier times: 1. Hubby in the middle, number one son on the left, and younger son on the right 1986 by new hot tub in Ormond Beach FL home, 2. from left Mother-in-Law our younger son, my Dad, number one son, and me standing behind him in MIL living-room in Oradell NJ 1983?. 3. My Dad on his birthday it would appear in our kitchen in Bamber Lake NJ 1984? 4. Fathers Day 1985? Dad and me in our living room in Bamber Lake NJ.

Took about an hour to chose some pictures in boxes, there are some more, but many were damaged due to the hurricane, irreplaceable, protect yours... i.e. due to Hurricane Charley 2004 we did not have any warning when it made that last minute turn.

Moving on...

I heard back from the research center in my neuro's office today, and at first it sounded good, two studies on new MS medication that I might meet the criteria for, but they wanted to check my most recent blood work from March, and that showed that even though my liver enzymes were better than January's they were still not at a safe enough level to qualify for the study. The neuros nurse Crystal suggested calling my internist and ask him what could be done to help me get well enough for the clinical trial I asked his nurse Maggie. (Could be statin related, taking it for twelve years)
I now have an appointment for early next week to see what can be done. Probably new blood work first... but who knows for sure.

Hubby went out to pick up Chinese food tonight from our usual China City, and he brought home two combos, one chicken and one shrimp and a quart of egg drop soup! Comfort food.

Here are the four fortunes from the cookies: "The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything"
(Ditch all meds... I like it! Probably means clear the clutter from your mind?)
"The fortune you seek is another cookie."
(Okey Dokey! I don't even eat them I just open them.)
"The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart."
"What you desire is always possible. It will come to you."
Sounds good to me...
So on that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear! 

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