Monday, May 14, 2018

Rain delay on tiki project

Hubby has been fighting rain on and off these last two days so not as much of the tiki hut project has been able to be done.
No complaints seriously about the actual rain since we do need it badly. Fortunately, Hubby was able to snap these PICS between the downpours.You are looking at our main dock in the first PIC with the two already trimmed down shorter pilings with the spider web looking lines across them that are used with the winch pulley system for moving purposes. In the second PIC below that is the boards that will be used for supports and the roofing structure.The third are the two remaining pilings that are longer that will go into the ground, and in the fourth PIC Hubby has begun to dig those holes, one done, to sink the pilings into weather cooperating that is, they will be dug much deeper though.
  Our beautiful blue plumbagos on the left and yellow alamandas on the right, and the tiny white flowers far right are from our jasmine all below that all thrive whether the weather is wet or dry. The lawn will come back as it always does every year! Sooner rather than later now that the rain is coming here more regularly!
  Hubby cleared the table platform of the cut cluster pilings with Pinkie our flamingo located on the tallest the square wooden table too, you can see it above holding the wood, as well as moving our chiminea away from the work area.

                                                         Moving on...
I do hope that my rationale of all mothers celebrating the holiday yesterday was acceptable or in reality or not.
It is what it is, get over it!
Most of my FB friends and relatives are more open minded in spite of all our longevity! HA!
And that is the way it should be, seriously.
After all we all go through changes in life and I am not referring to those particular ones ladies, since in reality there are so many more!
Life is full of them!
Wouldn't it be boring without some of them?
Others not so much, like loss of loved ones.
Although, we all have expiration dates, but fortunately most of us do not know when that will be.

Friday was odd for me, all day I knew that something was way off, and the day felt longer than it should have been.
Saturday I smacked myself in the head and that did hurt, note to self don't do that anymore, anywho, believe me my head doesn't need anymore abuse it has plenty between concussions and lesions, but I realized why Friday was odd and uncomfortable for me it was the anniversary of my Father's death May 11, 1986 he passed away! That year it fell on Mothers Day.
But GEEZ that was thirty-two years ago, and my heart sunk as if it were just yesterday or this past Friday that he passed. Dad I still love and miss him.

For a while there I had been trying to burn a candle for both my parents on their birthdays and days of death, in Judaism it is a Yahrzeit candle that you can buy at any grocery or synagogue, not at all difficult to acquire at all, and that way I would never forget, but I did, for shame.
For shame!
Too late for this year, but next, I should stock up.

My Mom used to do it for the grandmas and grandpas, and we had so many juice glasses!
Yes, we do save them.
It feels sacrilegious not to.
I wonder how many of my Jewish friends and relatives out there save theirs, or if not what do they do with them?

I do know that Christians light candles at church so none for remembrance for at home, I think.
Even though Hubby is Catholic somethings I think he forgot, since he isn't a practicing Catholic anymore than I practice my religion, just some traditions we both do though.
PS and that was his decision, not mine for him. We are both too strong willed/ minded to tell each other what to do with religious beliefs or any for other concepts for that matter, but over the years we are very similar, and our meeting of the minds ended up in the middle road, I suppose it could be called compromising on most topics.
We have been together for over fifty years and married over forty-seven!
So it was bound to happen, ya think?

On that note, happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Just In: Hubby corrected me the Christian candles are sold next to the Jewish ones in the grocery; now isn't that nice!

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