Friday, April 27, 2018

Tonight's blog will be well thought out and...

may be controversial... that said... here I go...
Our President Trump is not all there, in the thinking department in my opinion, and many other people agree too; I bet.
He states one minute that he doesn't know something about an investigation and then blatantly states his lawyer was taking care of it for him, huh?
Not buying your wife a birthday present is just not cool!
Only a card?
Mr. Billionaire you can do better than that!
No wonder she is Mrs. number three.
His future meeting with Kim Jong Un can become a powder keg, both men have been known to become verbally volatile and then what will us Americans do?
Mr. Trump stated that he is going to walk out if he doesn't like what is happening?
For all things you hold dear, Ivanka, save her and therefore the world in the process I implore you!

I guess Mr. T you are here for a little while longer... try to make things better.
Sadly not many like you.
Apparently, for the specific reason that you rub people the wrong way!

Now the doctor that did your physical Pres. apparently had a bad scale for weighing you, since your weight number he gave and your appearance do not jive. In my opinion, again.
Also was psychological testing done?
I think not.
As with gun control, heads of state left with any weaponry at their fingertips should be well mentally analyzed, tested, to verify their stability before giving them the keys, so to speak, to the bombs!
Not only should the general population be tested, but all military, all law enforcement, and anyone with the ability to kill must be made sure that is only their very last resort when all other possibilities have been exhausted, and that their judgement is of that quality!
Not allowing them the ability to do as they feel when angered, hairpin turns or willy nilly!
Control yourselves people!
Anger is as nasty as violent forms of mental illness can be if left to fester and you end up acting irrationally!

And that is why I fear the guy in the White House... he IS NO COOL DUDE, HE IS A HAIR TRIGGER WAITING TO GO OFF, in my opinion!

We need restraint, common sense and the ability to negotiate with people with that like minds/ temperament, not the ones that are so similarly volatile to our President, unfortunately. In my opinion.
I implore you to think before you TWEET and talk and do and everything else; you are a piece of work that needs to work on himself, so please do that!
All in my opinion of course.
Don't get me wrong Mr. T we, none of us are perfect and we are all works in progress, but you have too many people to think about, like all AMERICANS, so be cautious with all that you do on our behalf.
Respect your counsel, when you find decent ears to talk to, keep them, do not fire them.
Speak with your predecessors and listen to them, learn from them.
After all they all had two terms due to how they worked for all of us!
Do not forget you are in our employ, you are therefore an American employee for and by the people so hear us!
That is all of us!
Not just who voted for you, which I did not!
But that doesn't mean I don't want you to be a good president, I do. I want you to listen to all Americans, even the media! Since many of them are Americans too!

Happy good night all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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