Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rushing out after our delivery...

of my Copaxone, have to be here for it, since we have to sign for it and it is refrigerated, and this IS FLORIDA with already ninety degree days... then off to Sam's Club for gas, coffee, and PAM all the necessities in life!  Our  van's gas tank was nearly empty at only a quarter full, so unlike us we usually fill up when only half gone! Gas prices have been going up lately, not too overwhelming yet, but twenty to thirty cents a gallon higher than they were. Today, we got gas at Sam's Club our usual, because they are usually the lowest price around, and at $2.51.9 they were, most others were five to ten cents a gallon higher.

From there we went over to Pet Smart where Aussie's vets are Banfield.
We had found four fleas in two days on Aussie and we were concerned and did not want the problem to get out of hand. We had been told by phone they have a safe puppy oral medication for him and so we went. Although, Hubby and I found just the four that we swiftly removed.
They had a flea comb test and found he was clean as a whistle, no fleas!
I felt better since I did not want him to have anymore chemicals in his little body!

We had bought a life jacket for him there last time we were there, but even though it stated it went up to thirty pounds, it was too small for him! And no, he is not thirty or more pounds yet, but keeps going up in weight, he now is 23.6 lbs! Over a pound more this week, and all he eats is two cups of puppy food daily, still his Nutro Essentials puppy food with chicken, rice and sweet potatoes!
Today I did allow him a new treat, baby raw carrots (2) thoroughly washed, and with him still teething it took him a while to chomp it up, but it was cool and nutritious for him.
He is not fat and well proportioned, hope he slows down soon or he might turn into a standard of his breed! Ha!
After he spent time with all the young ladies who work there and dote on him lovingly... we left for Publix and today Makayla helped me with all our groceries while Hubby and Aussie waited in the car.

Oh I almost forgot.
Last night we had been to Aussie's first puppy class.
He aced sit, down, stand without batting an eyelash, like a pro!
Even in the free for all fenced in area he enjoyed the company of all his class mates, Jersey, a grey pitbull, Bentley, another pitbull although tan, Major, a Shepard mix, Charlotte, a Goldendoodle, Lovey, a black Schnauzer, and Tobi, coincidently a Yorkie-poo! All just a few months old, the puppy class, but of course. He herded them all into a group and Aussie appeared to be smiling with his joy of accomplishment!
They, the pups, but I was very careful to make sure they were ahead of me, they were all amazingly mindful of my ride, although Hubby helped tremendously too.
Next week I should ask if taking pictures are allowed, sometimes they are not.

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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