Friday, April 13, 2018

Hubby busy, busy, busy!

Today, I did accomplish a bit of things... for one, I did do a load of towels in our laundry and did the obligatory folding and putting away, and made my seafood soup with smoked oysters, clams and shrimp in a stewed tomato based broth using celery, scallions and onions and garlic all chopped in my mini food processor, and then sauteed in olive oil and butter with flour and one packet each of chicken and beef bullions and two and half cups of water, a splash of your favorite tomato sauce, dash of lemon juice and a teaspoon of Stevia or sugar, hot pepper flakes to taste, as well as salt and pepper and thyme, and old bay seasoning and do not forget the clam juice all of it from the canned clams, and since Hubby doesn't like my soup, so I also made him baked macaroni and cheese, with my own homemade cheddar cheese sauce for lunch. Simply cheddar chopped thinly added to butter and flour and milk and stir, pour over your favorite pasta, in this case elbow macaroni and bake for ten minutes on 350 degree oven then two minutes under broiler, bread crumbs or Panko topped before final step if so desired.

 Breakfast was my homemade version of eggs McMuffins, Jimmy Dean's two sausage patties, two eggs made perfectly round by breaking them into custard dishes then stabbing their yolks with a pairing knife when placed in PAM sprayed custard dishes in microwave till done or about a minute or more, toasted sour dough muffins with melted cheddar on one side, and dark spicy mustard and mayo sauce, sounds odd but very tasty, slap together and enjoy!

Hubby made homemade pizza for dinner, with a cheat from Publix bakery of their pizza dough.
Quite filling with plenty left for leftovers, as is my soup and mac and cheese. Done for cooking for the weekend I guess!

Hubby was extremely busy power washing all the exterior floor surfaces over the last few days including the back patio and pool decking that is what he painted all today! In that painting was also our split driveway and front pathway! He did it all! Pooped just thinking about it, when he did the fences about a week ago he had used the sprayer mostly, but on the things he did today he used the long handled roller, a lot of work!
Meanwhile, since we do not want to ride over the freshly painted driveway, our car is temporarily parked behind the double gates on the side of our home, right outside of our bedroom window!
Normally where Aussie's agility track is.

Oh well, only temporarily.

This Sunday late afternoon into the evening we have been predicted to be having a large thunder storm coming our way. So maybe we will be going out tomorrow?

Moving on...

Again, I spilled my club soda with lime juice right off of this handy wheeling over the bed table that I use, and of course my laptop and cell phone were on it too. But as wet as I got and the bed too, they fared much better without any ill effects anyway. Most of the liquid fell onto the tile floor out of my heavy duty plastic tumbler that also landed floor ward, so no breakage there either. Publix brand club soda has 0 sodium, and everything else, but helps to settle my tummy and is quite refreshing!
MS is not for sissies!
I drop things multiple times daily, as most with this insidious disease can tell you.
Oh joy!

Any-who, that is why the Rubbermaid Reveal comes in so handy, but this time no squirts were needed from its cleaning solution, since club soda in itself is quite cleansing to the floor that I have found out over the years, ha! The floor actually looks cleaner each time I spill, ta DA!

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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