Friday, March 9, 2018


My new logo Aussie pup, no tail/tale publishing 2018! 

The puppy/doggy agility course had arrived yesterday, and this morning Hubby set it up.
Instead of treats, toys were used for motivation, but really the tube and the hurdle did not need any at all, since Aussie enjoyed them both quickly!

This does look dangerous for an undeveloped four month old puppy, and in reality the height is only two inches, but the way Aussie leapt over it ... the lower initial version of basically on the ground would be safer. Although, Aussie's potential is amazing! I am looking at my photo and I find myself very concerned with that since at his age his muscles and ligaments are still developing and damage to them can occur.
That side yard had at one time been where we had our raised bed veggie garden, but between wildlife, mostly possums and feral cats it was hard to do with them using the beds for litter boxes!

That canoe is one of our last boats from NJ, it is a fifteen foot fiberglass one. We floated down the Delaware River and creeks and so many other waterways way back then, it is over forty years old, since we have been living here in Florida 32 years this August. Our Number One son had had it for quite some time but gave it back. We also have a metal row boat also fifteen feet long, that is about twenty-five years old that once
had a small motor on it, to go along with our new twenty-foot pontoon. Geez we have a flotilla, ha!

This last pic that Hubby took just yesterday for this evening I think gives you a vivid representation of Aussie's marvelous coat of many colors!
He is a very handsome puppydog in our opinion!

Happy good night to all!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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