Thursday, March 8, 2018


Rehashing seems to just propagate the problems, but to not think out loud at times contributes to it festering and causing internal strife, ya know?
Bank of America continues to baffle me.
$34.47 is the lesser amount this year's monthly payments of our mortgage, principle and interest, including taxes and insurances.
Great! One might say, but the caveat to that great is that for the last several years I have been paying an additional amount towards the principle only and that has taken years off our loan.
Two months ago the bank started splitting my additional payment to go not only to the principle but to the escrow without my permission!
Last month I called and had them change it back and again it happened this month, so I called again and they fixed it.
So again I asked for them to NOT do this., and wanted to know how to fix it... answer was to either physically go into a brick and mortar bank and tell them monthly or call each month, I said WHAT????
For years I did not have to do this!
Now this last rep, who I had asked to speak with a supervisor tells me after a half an hour that she isn't one and that they are taking out the escrow since there is a shortfall expected at the end of this year!
I said that is stealing since this money was not designated at all for escrow for our principle that historically had been paid with our desires not theirs and that their underwriters apparently screwed up with giving us a lesser amount to pay this year!
Then she says if I pay the escrow once from the split that the problem will be solved and I decline and hang up!
The problems was resolved again, with the amount going entirely to the principle as requested.
Hubby and I are considering not paying out the additional amount that would now go into our pockets, and if need be be there for the end of years shortfall they are predicting?

Who knows...

All I do know is that Hubby is picking up Chinese food for me, and a deep dish pizza for himself, yum!

On that note allow me to wish you all a very happy good night!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS It would appear that the end is near with this Orange Frothy Haired Guy's reign, he is publicly destroying our economy and nation internationally!

No tail/tale publishing 2018!  

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