Tuesday, September 5, 2017

High Anxiety! Calm down!

And as we all know the best way to do that is to think clearly on how to handle this anxious situation.
Having a plan, using logical ways to deal with any real problem is to tackle it with calm resolve.

The issue with this now major Hurricane Irma, a category 5, of 185 mph with gusts over 220 mph, encompassing a three hundred mile area... is a bit unimaginable on what we should do and frightening of course, now in the Leeward Islands No one knows for sure when or where it will be going to in Florida; to us on the west coast or to the east coast, although they are all in agreement that we will have to deal with some effects of this massive storm either way!

Collier County residents south of us have been told to evacuate now if they can.
Other counties, ours included have also declared a state of emergency.

Hubby says that by the time he gets our hatches literally batten down we will be able to attempt leaving by Thursday at the earliest.
Meanwhile he had me order comfort food from Wally's Barbecue, the difference between Wally's and Sonny's is Wally the chef, has a Cordon Bleu certification, other than that Wally's is less than mile from here, while Sonny's is about six miles away!.
The news showed that staple items are flying off all store shelves, thankfully we had shopped prior to the panic shoppers.
The last time we got gas it was 2.11.9 a gallon,  tonight Hubby topped off our tank for 2.69.9 a gallon; we just needed five gallons thankfully!

The possibility too is the storm water surge could be as high as 23 feet!
We are waterfront with a nine foot elevation, you do the math.
Most all storm shutters are up except a few in the front to see out of and our back door to let Gus out.
Those shutters though will go up before the storm comes!
Some of our shutters are clear to see out of, which is nice.
Others Hubby took an old boat windshield and cut into them to put in little windows.
He has the outdoor furniture boat and sheds yet to secure.
My job is laundry and packing and food, dry goods and cans.

Oh no, Hubby was still outside and our evening shower is coming down!
He is in!
He has not stopped all day, in a way, thank you rain!


Keep up with local news reports! Tomorrow they should have definitive directional info, although the European model has it coming to us on the west coast and the American model has it going to the east coast.
But storms are so unpredictable, at least we now have a plan, as should you have too.
It might be busy work that you might not need to do, but at least you are doing something...true!
I will be here for you, so do not worry turn your concerns into positive action.

Take care, good night and next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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