Saturday, August 19, 2017

People who live stream and refresh reputable news sites are...

...definitely in "the know", and yours truly is trying hard to keep up!
Thanks Number One Son who gave/reminded me about it's been quite enlightening!
Things happen so quickly in this world and believe me when I say that I enjoy knowing things before TV broadcast news runs with the stories!
So many sites that are "legit" are worthwhile for you to examine, ask a relative, or friend or like I did tell my son I was going elsewhere and this our eldest son corrected his Mom, that I respect help from our knowledgeable grown sons and for he suggested a great interactive site!
There are plenty out there, but this one suits my needs of giving me in-depth articles or live news feeds, which gives me glimpses into what I might have missed with me not always being connected!

Moving on...

Geez we got back to the mundane and tame today; I do believe it's called living your life.

We actually stopped at Tar-jay, Target, and the reason for going into the classier of the discount stores was to look for a new set of white sheets, and no we are too many of the hated by them minorities for that purpose, any-who our king set is so expensive compared to other sets we have had over the years and we have had this king size mattresses for now nearly thirty years of our almost forty-seven years of being married, for the first seventeen we had queen mattress sets that everything was much more fugally priced than these king sized! Plus many sets of sheets were wedding presents way back when.

So, anyway I used to buy the bed in the bag sets and the comforters and pillow shams held up well enough and were usually priced not too dearly, but the sheets would need to be replaced and again our bottom sheet has lost its elastic and is no longer a fitted sheet.
For Hubby's sake and his dislike of the situation I thought it would be easier to replace it, but no separates are sold and you must buy an entire set and even the cheap ones are more than fifty bucks and we were also needing to replace the mattress protector due to me being too thrifty last time and the one we have now basically disintegrating!
And so we went over to Bed Bath and Beyond after and bought a very decent mattress pad in their king for $49.99, but with their 20% discount, so $39.99 plus tax, not too bad?

I know why such a large bed when most of our lives we were both usually slender?
We had our dogs and cats and even in the early days our children when we still had the mere queen size it was cluttered with all those cuddly bodies!
But now even though I am very large, as I say twice the woman I used to be, there is a lot of room still on this bed, since Gus has his own, on the floor alongside of ours, and that BIG KING holds just us mere mortals!
I have been working on Hubby to get a new mattress set next time in a queen, but the problem is
he thinks I am being brainwashed by commercials saying that you should buy a new mattress more often than he thinks we should!
And until we do I mention subtly the additional expense of dressing this king mattress compared to a smaller one has been... just a little mention here or there, ya know?

 New sheets sets will keep us fine for awhile again so I will comb online, since the micro fiber ones that I saw online were not in their Tar-jay store!
Plain white is all we need!

Moving a bit further on...a whole lot further!

Six police officers were shot last night, two in Kissimmee Florida, where both killed, two in Jacksonville Florida both in the hospital there, and the other two were in Fayette county Pennsylvania also hospitalized, our thoughts and prayers are with those in the hospital and their families and of course the family of the deceased too.

Heather Heyer, the young woman who was run down by that white supremacist in Charlottesville Va. I must mention her Mother how profound her statement was about her daughters final message  that Heather was their to stop the hatred, and she was a peaceful activist, and now her quiet desire to make a difference has been AMPLIFIED! AGREED! And she will not have died in vain, and neither should those law enforcement officers in that chopper that went down looking/watching over the crowds at the event.

Violence horrifically seems to be occurring way too often again; with summer has been notorious for anger to reach a fever pitch!
They used to blame it on everything from the heat to annoying landlords, you name it, but racial discord that has been escalated all these decades by certain people in power who do not understand any of the frustrations or the instigators with hate causing the elevated tensions!

Hug your kids tighter and your spouse / significant other kiss longer too... life is so precious and can be sadly gone way too soon!

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