Sunday, August 20, 2017

Being kind sometimes ... makes you

... wonder why people take advantage of you.
Today, I posted two things on my FB page that I realized fortunately not too much longer after I found my mistakes I removed them both.
The first was a movie that had quite a soon-to-be stars studded cast, but after revisiting certain reviews and comments about it I too recalled its underlying message, a far right one, survivalists, and pro NRA stand and so many other things that I today feel strongly against; mind you though this was still during the Cold War, before glasnost.
So my emotions were the cause of that to be pulled and in my mind was correct for me to do, Hubby on the other hand watched it, and so I was confused and upset about that, since he claims to feel as I do on so many issues...any-who the other one I was definitely just on, a fellow FB person asked through messaging for me to donate to his run for an organization that was to make people aware of the horrendous issue of suicide in the military, 22 veterans commit suicide daily was the horrid realization and it was an honorable campaign in my book and for this he wanted 22 dollars so that amount now makes sense/cense, anyway I even posted the picture with him and the article about what, when, why and where this would be happening, sounded good and probable, but... when I went and posted it that little gadget came up asking if I wanted to add in that thingy on where to send the donation, and they were nowhere on their list for non-profits and so I went back to the fellow and asked about it, and he said they were in the process... And I said how about this when they have that info I will post the info? I consequently unfriended him, harsh, I think not, a ruse, probably. He only came clean when I mentioned Hubby was retired law enforcement.
I am so sorry if anyone read those two postings, but again I did think I was doing something right, and almost contributed to very wrong things that'll teach me/us!
Beware of strangers trying to sell you a sow's ear as a silk purse!
Seriously folks I think of myself pretty savvy, well travelled, even went to college in NYC, lost in London after the major transportation stopped in the wee hours of the morning and survived even that at nineteen, although 1969!
Today who knows; in those days I do believe the police/ Bobbies didn't even carry guns, now they do.
What I am saying though is a point... I am trying to get to that even I was maybe a bit too naïve to on first blush realize something was not Kosher, ya know?
Anyway, it was fixed before any damage was done, true, yep true!

Moving on...

Yesterday, I never really finished our journey, after BB and Beyond we went over to Sam's Club that we belong to, for those in faraway places like Russia that has been noticed in large numbers visiting me/my blogs once again, Sam's Club is what Americans call a BIG BOX Store derived from the fact that ordinary people as well as business people can purchase large quantities of items like dry goods, produce, and package, fresh meat, fish and poultry or prepared items at more than fair prices!
Oh wait... there is more, I almost forgot pet food, cleaning supplies, furniture, appliances, jewelry, and electronics a WOW capitalist's dream store, but a bargain prices so a win win even for the commoners, us not so rich!
Got it?
Oh we went there, because they sell the cheapest gasoline/petrol to anyone!
After, we lowered the windows, Hubby left me in the van with all the extra gas for the boat, the lawn mower and our arriving this week new water pump that he ordered from Home Depot about the same price as renting one and he needs it to fix things down at our docks, fifteen gallons worth of gas for those, not counting the nearly ten topping off the van's, all in all almost twenty-five gallons for ... are you ready?.. for a grand total of $51!
Oh, the lowering of the windows for me was me waiting for him in the van when Hubby went into our grocery store, Publix, for those staples of milk, eggs, bread and butter.
We did eat lunch at Firehouse subs, a chain of restaurants started by firemen.
We both had subs, now they have small, medium, and large subs, used to have one size or maybe half and large do not remember, but that was besides salads and now not only white bread subs, but also whole wheat! So I bet you thought I chose a small whole wheat, well I did order the whole wheat but medium and I ate only half and brought the other half home ( ate it today for lunch) packed in ice in our cooler, we had free ice water and with those cups we got our own ice with lids for the cooler, and Ta Da, portable!
After we had gotten the gas and grocery items and lately our feel like temps have been in the triple digits, but with the air-conditioning on in the car while waiting for Hubby and the ice all was swell with me and the sandwich!

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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