Monday, August 28, 2017

All day long...and night too!

I thought I was back on a roll of sleeping more than two nights in a row...well... it wasn't to be.
Our now lovable rescue Havanese mix bog, boy dog, Gus was having nothing of the early morning loud noises of rain returning to our area, the time was too early even for me, 3:37 A.M., I did let him lick my dangling right hand off the bed. I still marvel at the fact that although so anxious, yes that is the word with the loud roaring and teaming sounds that torrential rains can make, he goes into a "need mommy", me, when fearful. I was able to stall his overly making out with my hand just dangling there for another twelve minutes, yup rise and not shine was 3:49 A.M.!

I was also having my toes kissed as I maneuvered from the bedroom into the kitchen for my morning Jo, black with Splenda, in a plastic drinking cup, I got the last cup and so I felt brave enough to try to make another pot, brave due to it having a glass carafe, but I did do it, yay! The first breakable item and expensive to replace, but no way was I going to wake up Hubby at that time, he is not a morning person!
Any-who, as I said miraculously, I did it, but later would drop lighter items like the house phone and my cell, always, nothing new really there, but now when I do I am usually falling back to sleep as it happens, oh no not narcolepsy too! Hush, no one heard that, right? Just more than likely exhausted still, in five days I slept two nights.
So all the time my little love, Gus, was kissing me and even when I got into the recliner and I was all settled he jumped on me and nearly hugged me and slathered tons of BIG WET ONES, kisses all over my face! The image might be relatable to the two rescue dogs on line, one the new guy and the other the old comfortable in his life, two labs if I recall correctly, and they were hugging.... an aw moment for sure! I was the pretty sure that all was going to be the everything is alright one of the two comforting the very anxious one, got it?
Oh well, pet parents would.
I like the fact he thinks of me that way for a little over two and half years ago if anxious his fear with us would manifest itself in aggression by biting us, but no longer for the last two and half years, thankfully!
So as annoying as his current behavior may seem to some to me it is a major relief of bonding.
And as long as his tail is wagging as his tongue goes smacking those sloppy ones all over my face, life will go on happily!
So I was watching our local Ft. Myers NBC-2 TV and their water/rain was causing flooding all over the same for Collier County, they all looked like waterfront properties, but they were roads and highways, and some people had drones up taking incredible images of the devastation, and there was miles and miles of it, and this was not from Hurricane Harvey, our areas' was from another tropical system.
More are on their way Irma is the next named storm that is said to be going up the Atlantic coastline but not near Florida, and our system should be gone by tomorrow, thankfully, all waters in flooded areas should recede, once it has stopped for a very long time, a day could do it, or could be longer.

People all over thought Florida was part of the Hurricane Harvey deluge, no not at all, so all meteorologists insist! But records were also set in our region for high water and inches much higher.
Nearly two hundred people had to be rescued in Lee and Collier counties.
They should heed all warnings to stay home, even schools were closed!
I don't know.
This is an area that has had problems before, not to this extent but people should be knowing not to venture out, although, most interviewed were fairly new to our area, less than five years! Emergency vehicles are put in jeopardy when people do not listen, according to most all report they did not lose power and so they should know!
Mini Katrina in those locations it looked like.
Nearly, when all is said and done in Texas, similar to Katrina there with all the rescues of thousands, since they did not tell all to evacuate, they told them to stay safe in place! It worked fine until water started rushing in by several feet and people in few story homes ended up on their roofs! Many complained they could not afford to leave.
Crazy, evacuate, don't evacuate the reason they did not tell everyone in the possible danger areas to was that a few years back it was a disaster on the roads with people in traffic jams causing thousands of deaths by being sitting ducks!
What to do when even the professionals have no idea.
If you have anyway to plan early, I know that weather systems are very unpredictable, but if somehow you can try to. So if you are special needs like myself, "handicapped" it's a good idea to plan ahead anyway, with pets too; not all facilities have accessibility or accept pets.
That should be plan A, plan B, could be relatives in any directions away from the weather is another good idea to go to.
But staying home unless very unlikely you are in a safe place is not advisable, emergency personnel will have enough on their hands with others who too thought they could retrieve them easily, do not ASSUME!
Take care of you and your family and then after you can help others.
Just saying.

Locally, Wednesday we have only a 20% chance of rain, and we are back to steamy nineties with just afternoon showers!

And yes, we on our block in Port Charlotte have been very lucky without any flooding in spite of torrential rains nearly continuously.
As I told a few that were concerned about us, since we are on saltwater canal to the harbor that goes to the Gulf of Mexico it would take a tsunami to flood us or just Global Warming, but we have three boats, a canoe, row and pontoon... NOT FUNNY!
But we do keep an eye on the tides, and thankfully they have been in our favor.
In all the nearly nineteen years we have been in this home, the third in Florida, we only had water come over the dock and a few feet onto the lawn, even with the direct hit of Cat 4 Hurricane Charley in 2004 that was a wind event that when we lost our roof that is why it rained inside.
We have flood and all other insurances and that hurricane made me lose my concern for things, sentimentality-wise, since so much of that was destroyed. We survived and so did our dog, cat and bird and that is truly all that matters, ever!
Living things, not inanimate objects!
Anyone tells you otherwise, walk away.

On this note, please use the site from last night that I posted here to check on people, and here is the one for legit organizations to go to help:

On this note, please wish everyone a very happy good night and ask them all to kindly share all their blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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