False emails and peekaboo photos!

Facebook has been all good to me over the years, the nine that I have been a member with them, and so I do not recall ever complaining about their services.
If I have, it has been few and far between thus the memory lapses.
Any-who, may I get a hooray for all they have done over the years with bringing friends and family members together?
Okay, now I am ready.
I am no techno genius.
No news there, hmm?
But over the years I do enjoy using whatever they have available within my small pocketbook's ability to pay, and so I am fortunate to have bargain access through the phone company for speedy as they have for me to use, so long as Hubby or I argue for our discounts every six months that we are entitled too, everyone is with CenturyLink, otherwise they charge you thirty dollars more a month, just ask them for their discounts for everyone who knows about them.
And for that we bundle with our landline at a mere fifty-four and change bucks a month with that discount for both.
So we generate simplicity and our only special access is Netflix for less than eleven bucks a month for two devices.
Our smart android phones with Consumer Cellular for two phones is less than $31 for two, yep you heard that right two, but just for 250 minutes and no texting that we do not do anyway! And on those we average 40 minutes a month.
And no, we are not specially getting some discounted deal with them, this is their price for everyone! 
So being frugal is a great way to have money for other fun things to do, ya know?
Facebook is free, we all know that and although that is so they are very good at what they do.
For two days, let's say maybe twenty-four hours, perhaps a bit less my pictures on my profile page and timeline were all missing, and all friends profile pics too, as well as my posted blog on my site pics.
Now no one told me if they could NOT see them too or if it was just me, but one very nice person, Dawn Wallace-Browning told me what to do about it, since it was some type of a bug, I guess she meant virus, or she did mean a "BUG"?
Anyway it worked, it did take a while, but I suppose most of you know how to do this go to the question mark icon at the top right of the screen and scroll to the bottom where it says report a problem, it asks for a description of the problem and it also asks for a screen picture, which I was happy to provide, and within a few hours, actually by four P.M. today all was back!
Thanks Dawn!
Oh yeah, right, THANKS FACEBOOK!

Now as far as false emails goes I have received two over a several months' period from familiar friends, both from way back, actually one from over sixty years and the other from over forty!
So you would think with the woman, the one of over forty years, I would have recognized her email address was different, but instead I took it as just one of her other ones, maybe, logically?
I foolishly wrote a verbose response to what I thought was a friendly recommendation about ideas to help me lose weight. I should have known better that she wouldn't do that, she's not the type to assume that you don't know how to do something.
That was the first fake one, months ago, embarrassing.
Since after I responded and it came back daemon failure or whatever that thingy is it says, I copied and pasted my response to her known recent email address.
She had no idea what I was talking about, and no she hadn't sent me anything.
Not angry, too nice really, but adamant that she never initiated this particular conversation.
All is well, now.
As I said months ago.
Fast forward to today when I received another "fake" email from an old school chum from elementary school, my 5, 6, 7 year old self, maybe he was my tween crush, and what he had sent was  just a hot key to a site saying that I might find it interesting, about a shule, a Jewish synagogue; the giveaway should have been that he is Italian Catholic. Although many non-Jewish friends have sent Jewish themed things to me.
After trying a couple of times and not getting anywhere, and also recalling that I had not given him my email address I copied the message and pasted it to his messages on his timeline and asked if he had sent it?
And no he hadn't.
No explanation's for either have come up, and this had nothing to do with Facebook!
I only mentioned it because it came up today with the disappearing photos, this second email incident, very odd? Related to one another... who knows?
I have no idea if anyone else has had these particular issues, but I bet some of you have had very interesting TECHNO EXPERIENCES to share with someone.
Don't keep them to yourself share and maybe we can all help each other?
Just another idea.

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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