The shooter who tried to take lives on a baseball field in Alexandria Virginia was so WRONG!
He had asked if they were Democrats or Republicans playing and practicing for a fund raiser and he commenced to firing with his automatic weapon when told they were Republicans.
Five individuals were shot, all will survive, thank God.
The shooter was a nondescript sixty-sixty year old, overweight, Caucasian man from Illinois, now just another dead domestic terrorist.
He had been known to have joined anti-Republican groups.
These groups do NOT attract non-violent types, they are the kind that commit criminal acts to get their ideas across!

Disagreeing with our current administration should never ever come to this!
People we can intelligently change things that we do not agree with in non-violent ways!
Speak with your local government officials.
Sign petitions!
Call your state representatives!
Go to local government meetings and most of all do not complain if you do not vote!
We the people can change things with consistency and by non-violent means!
 Being squeaky wheels will work!
And looking for legal loopholes too, ha!
There is a protocol in doing the job of the highest position in the land and once all is said and done legalities will prove that dishonesty doe not pay!

Moving on...

All of sudden we have people listening to us.
Complaining about things that did not make our neighborhood look nice, and now a health hazard.
The city commissioner came to our home after Hubby called Code Enforcement about three homes surrounding us that are quite unkempt. Even with all this rain Hubby mowed two times in one week. Meanwhile none of the homes have mowed for months and they are adding to the mosquito problem!
The grass is over a foot high!
The Code Compliance people who closed the accounts when Hubby called for a follow-up with them  stating that they were not an issue. Hubby and I felt they were incorrect and so he called the commissioner's office and immediately got action!
They were cited as Hubby watched out of our front window by the same people who felt it was NOT an issue previously, hmm.
All three are rental properties that previously had lawn services mowing there, why not now?

Also our new boat is also being taken care of due to no one initially getting back to us with the items missing, next week all will be installed.
Squeaky wheel again.
The owner's son had called us and even gave us his cell phone number and said if we have any problems to call him, and when no one got back to us on Monday when they said they would Hubby called him.
They will have it for two days to put the registration numbers on, the name MISS "T" 2, the curtain for the dressing room the cover for the motor, and the new boot for the Bimini, brand new and the stitching was coming out!

The empty lot next door had been sold! Hope they build a home there. There was a home there for decades that had been completely destroyed by Hurricane Charley back in 2004, that is how long it has been an empty lot.
It had sold in 2007 for 112K, and according to the latest records it sold now for just 30K!
It is waterfront so someone got a great deal.
Our neighborhood has had prices go up and down ridiculously in the nearly nineteen years we have been here.
Also only in Florida that you can have homes from under 100K to nearly 1M in the same neighborhood!
Our own street/block have homes from the 80K to nearly 400K, crazy!

Any-who, the rain has continued to make us landlubbers for days.
Hubby and I did some straightening of cabinets.
We have quite a collection of plastic bags that we have saved for wastebasket liners.
They have been less than they were due to using for years canvas bags for groceries.
Unfortunately, they have the store's name on them and since we shop mostly in Publix, Hubby feels it an unsaid improperness to use them in Winn Dixie or Walmart, thus the continuance of the plastic bags.
Beside using them for liners, they also come in handy for food shells from shrimp, chicken bones etc. to take outside not to smell up the indoor garbage cans. And we used to use them for doggy waste, but we have different specific ones for that!

So editing that massive collection was in order and we did that through all those important phone calls received.
Those thinner clear veggie bags are great BTW for bones and shells, we do double bag them to protect them from insect invasions etc.
Embarrassingly our one drawer above them was sticking out slightly due to their massiveness!
For shame!

Enough of airing our dirty little secrets!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the shooting and their families.

Happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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