Life is hard, but I am not ready to deal with the alternative.

As we all know what that is?
Many, billions believe in life after death as do many others believe this is it!
And others who want to believe that if you are good you go to heaven and if you are bad you will end up in hell.
When I was a kid we all thought that when buried that the worms go in the worms go out, period. Others, mostly adults, would say dust to dust. And as a child I thought, why wouldn't they just dust 'em up? ( A very young child.)
Even now my beliefs change daily, being slightly closer to that last quarter of life, Gosh that would mean I will be living till eighty-nine, so I better hurry up here...Although, that also means that I am not ready, yet.
Does that mean it is my choice?
Nah, or maybe or maybe not or perhaps it's someone else's?
Since I am a firm believer in no suicide for me, and G-d has enough to do for him to have total control about my fate in my opinion, I think, the medical profession has found ways to extend our lives if they have our willingness to cooperate or not, many others believe.
Some say I never went to a doctor and here I sit at one hundred and fifty, kidding, but who knows somewhere maybe?!
Others go to the doctor and die before the age of thirty!

And of course there is always vice versa in these things.

Blue zones, are throughout the world where people live long healthy lives without any intervention from anything.
The one constant vein of truth I have gleaned from these documentaries from PBS to Maria Shriver's investigative reporting is that the people almost all of their lives continue to work, walk, and eat their own non chemically treated foods, that they tend to in their own gardens where they do their own harvesting, and live on mostly vegetable based diets and that seems to be the common thread.
The terrains in their villages are usually somewhat mountainous so walking is a vast test of physical dexterity and abilities as much as the tending of their gardens are.
All the interviewees were healthy and amazing!
No major illnesses were discussed or noted, including their mental faculties were as sharp as ever!
All have lived this way all of their lives.
No one that I saw interviewed had decided mid-life to change to this criteria of lifestyle and diet.
So the rest of us are basically screwed?
Not so much.
In theory, we all have the power to change.
Even cure our own maladies miraculously!
Not necessarily, but conceivably with a strict adherence to change.
Although, I would be amiss to state that these ways will cure my diseased body or any types of cancer or any other extreme ills, but it just might help, a little?
Attitude is everything, in everything that is being positive has always proved to be beneficial.  

Every night we as civilized people listen and learn from reading and watching and communicating to continue to be knowledgeable, right?
Using our techno machinery to make the planets' information appear so much closer, and therefore our world smaller.
Thinking our world is very small after all, and this is all due to our ability to get the info, the need to know info almost instantaneously!
But for what price?
No, not monetarily.
Stress, anxiety, anger and frustration; joy, and happiness not as often.
Could these things be shortening our lives?

Gosh I have no idea; I am not PhD or even a medical doctor.
But we have been told they are dangerous to our health.
Those Blue Zones do they get news, I don't think so?
Do they have electricity?
I think the only one in Loma Linda California did.
But isn't California known for air pollution?
And yet one of the Blue Zones is there.
Oh that is in Los Angeles anyway from all the cars.
Thanks to:
All where people live to one hundred years old and beyond.

Wish I knew this before I was born, ha!

Something's in life we have no control over, like who our parents are, our genetics, even in our other portion of our beginnings i.e. where we are born and raised.
Until adults we pretty much have not a lot of choices.
And after that it could be a crap shoot that is if you do not choose wisely.
Seriously, how do we know what is a wise choice, hmm?
Again, it's the luck of the draw.

Now that I took us all on a journey far away from life's slap in the face harsh realities, not really, did I make you feel any better, worse, or indifferent, and did this respite from the real world last long enough or are we all doomed to think we are the only ones that can save the world?
From tyranny, our cruel and oppressive government of current rule.
I am an American, born and raised here, but sometimes I find I need a refresher course on definitions of our English words.

Any-who, happy good night to all!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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