Happy Father's Day!

Sure it like Mothers Day and Grandparents Day and Children's Day should be everyday, but... we shall always celebrate our families everyday no matter what?
Yup, even the estranged kiddies and siblings and aunties and uncles, cousins etc. etc. etc...think about them and do not ever forget them!
Because if they are truly blood relations a little bit of you and a little bit of them is each one of you, got it?

And tough nuggets!
I guess that above expression makes me an official old fart for the definition itself is that when an old fart dismisses someone else's misery!
Thanks to: definithing.com
A bit harsh, okay so I'll take back that "tough nuggets"!

 Deal with it though.
I might have the record of pissing people in the family off with my brash honesty of my opinions, and excuse my language please though, but... that is what I have apparently done.
Not only, "family" but many "friends" who thought of or considered themselves "family"!
Sorry folks my mouth at times tells all before I have time to edit!
No excuse.
Although, many people also involved in those relationship dissolutions were very bad quick to misinterpret too or interpreted correctly in the heat of aggravation from other sources!
Or were the cause... more than likely!

Oh where was I?

That's right today IS Father's Day!
And our sons were not able to be here, but Number One did call two days ago saying he would be working long hours today and so he wished his Dad, Hubby, Happy Father's Day Friday.
And the younger one hasn't spoken to either of us for over a decade...
So I made Hubby a card on the computer.
And a special breakfast too.
And we also went out to Lowe's where he got a brand new power washer, his old one is over thirty years old and iffy on whether it will start or not?
And it is a very handy item for cleaning the stucco, walkways, fences, decking, cars and boats, and it was on sale for Fathers Day and new toys tend to be used a lot!
We also picked up a great big planter pot in light teal for the Ponderosa lemon tree Hubby grew from one of our trees seeds!
He has been nursing the sapling, that is quite large now, more than three feet tall!
And since our landscape plantings are quite abundant it has been decided to be place at the end of the pool on its wheelie base that we had also bought today with potting soil that has fertilizer in it that is supposed last nine months, same as birthing a baby, how odd or perhaps apropos!
Any-who, we were going to go into the Flea Market when the sky opened up with a teaming downpour, so instead we went to lunch at Plaza Mexico, one of Hubby's favorites.
We ordered crab enchiladas that came with rice and refried beans, and had iced water with lemon on the side.
I ate about a third and the rest came home with the chips and salsa they serve there. Hubby ate more than half of his, but what was left also came home.
We had the cooler with the ice packs with us, we had remembered.
For our last stop was Publix to pick up my Gabapentin 300 mg. 2X a day, only a thirty day supply, I usually get a ninety day supply from Humana Rx, but I am almost out, since I had gone to only one pill a day for a very long time then went back to two just recently!
Super vitamin B complex that we both take and I am trying Capzasin HP for my painful hands it says it for muscular pain, but I read somewhere it is also for nerve pain.

We also picked up a few food items.

Dinner was leftover salmon croquettes I had made yesterday, homemade fries, salad and peas.
Dessert will be Entenmann's marble pound cake with chocolate chip Breyers ice cream.

Boy is it coming down in sheets the rain, WOW!
Gotta go now TTYT.... hope all you Dads had a great day!

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