Air-conditioning unit!

Thermostat was mal functioning, when the temperature would be manually lowered the unit did not go on, it has been as warm as eighty-one degrees in here!
You set it for let's say seventy-seven and it reads seventy-nine and shuts off before reaching the lower temperature.
Best Home Services installed this new fourteen seer unit in September, we do have a very small home so it was sufficient.
In fact our bills were half of what our older system's was installed in 1996, two years before we bought this home, we sure got our money's worth out of it though.
But the last two months our bills have been slowly climbing up, not too much though, by most standards, eight then twelve bucks a month.
When installed the new system last September, and our temperatures were just as hot as now, and so that is not the reason.
There also was a ticking noise with the outside unit; Hubby just told the repairman about that too!
Hubby saw that it had shut down and ticked then went the wrong way and then reversed itself. He just so happened to be out nearby it due to Gus being out with him to make.

The problem we had was that as all repair services do they gave us a time between noon and four that they would arrive.
They also tell you that they will call a half an hour before, neither of those things happened.
After several calls from us, three actually, starting at three forty, and the receptionist stating the repairman was finishing up his other call and that he would be calling us at any minute, and he never ever did... he arrived without any phone call at twenty minutes after five.

Are we too concerned with business people should that we should trust them to be taking them at they're words?
In the olden days your word was your truth and your businesses honesty when followed through.
But times have changed...sadly.

This repairman is undoing what the last one did, the other one sped up the motor and changed out the fan.
Apparently, that wasn't a good idea, according to this guy.
Sorry no distinct description of the man, due to Gus, our Havanese mix rescue dog and I are held up in Hubby's and my bedroom for many reasons.
Gus is not that much a people person, only us and Number One Son and his gal who he loves us all.
But since in his past he had shown occasional aggression to some people and yes, he is selective and so we don't want to take that chance.
Better safe than sorry, ya know?
So here he and I sit with fortunately although the door is closed the overhead paddle fan is comfortable and now I do hear the air system purring once again!
Even with cooler temps seventies the humidity has been out of sight, and I do have allergies besides asthma and so it is best for me to stay in the air-conditioning.
Also a bit upsetting we did have an enormous window of opportunity to go out in the boat, but alas we had to wait for him, the repairman for all those hours and now it has been raining since just before he got here!
Supper was a whole other matter... Hubby gets a bit uneasy when someone comes during it, but we did have so many leftovers from last night's, baked chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, and peas and carrots with home made mushroom gravy that we had just made ourselves what I call TV dinners and zapped them on our plates in the microwave just before his van pulled up!
No call, so we really did think we had at least that half an hour they promised.
I took mine into the bedroom while Hubby I think pointed to where everything is as he sat and ate, but got up periodically.
For good measure, I did something nasty... I called the house phone from my cell to prove that it works fine!
I thought I heard him tell Hubby that he had called... LIAR!
We had not left the house all day waiting for him!
My goodness, why?
Why do people lie?
Do people now feel due to our  Mister T, AKA Pres. DJ, Orange Frothy Haired Guy doing it, lying that is, that it is an acceptable behavior?

I think not!

Is this that trickle down economics I heard discussed again?
They hold all the cards so the heck with us/US?
Not going to allow this.
Tell them you won't.
Their supervisor is not in any longer today, but Hubby did ask to speak with he/she on Monday!

It was the thermostat! A bad batch this guy said, and had been recalled.
We now have another new one!
Hubby had diagnosed it last time, but the other guy disagreed.
He still knows his stuff from engineering and working as an apprentice plumber while going through college, over forty years ago!

So far I still hear that cooling system humming along, yay!

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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