Meet Goldie the Gator, or she thee, "Goldgator", as I like to think of her.

full topside view below
eye side view below
Myth logically speaking she has what most in the science of reptilian studies will tell you none have existed; that is until now!
She is not only a rarity and unique creature that truly is a no-such-thingy, but if she did exist her rareness would be due to her metallic golden coloring, including her metallic copper colored eyes that makes her less than believable! So she is not ... except in our front garden!
If seen in the wild, not going to happen, she is thought to be good luck, and that is if you have your running shoes there on their fast speed ahead button setting, because if you think her typical looking family members are speedy, you've yet to see her moving! There's nothing like the full glowing glistening of a mighty Goldie at warp speed; truly nothing like it! And no one has seen her, but now all of you! In my dreams.

Suggestion, never go into the glades without a friend this way you can confuse her on whom to choose to chase down when you both head for Florida's non-existent hills!
While she pretends to ponder which way to go, you and your buddy can zoom, zoom outa there!
All kidding aside, I felt that our Alli-gator needed a more glitzy gender change, yes, while Alli-gator was a green male, not meaning inexperienced, that was his coloring, and there was nothing wrong with that, Goldie Gator is female and spectacularly golden, how timely! Oh no! I made her a GOLDEN GIRL, but she is younger than they were, at less than twenty years old or there about!
Doesn't matter, no way Jose.

Oh, of course, I have no issues with males wearing metallic gold, didn't hurt Elvis, thank you very much, but for some unknown reason I feel women wear it better, just my opinion.
I do recall me personally enjoying that attire in small increments as a young gal myself!
But this is her skin!
Whoa, am I myth-ing something?
She is not alive, nor dead for that matter!
I do believe that she is, underneath it all is a hard hearted Hanna comprised of cool molded cement!
Not moldy, molded, nor scales, and cool not cold. Cool chick, no a cement gator, this is getting silly! Getting? HA!
And this is extremely important to designate the difference, but why? No good or bad reason.

Why, you might ask?

No? Didn't think so.
I will tell you anyway, too bad, my blog, my rules.
You see, this makes HER a throwback, since it is Thursday, to a newer version of Ian Fleming's, James Bond, 007, Goldfinger circa 1964 and that's the movie's opening credits gal:
Whole new 21st Century concept to that movie's opening song, think Goldgator, Jane AKA Goldie Bond, 0053, that's since the last one, years that is for a golden one, get it, this being circa 2017, hmmm?


Just an idea?
Can I hear a deafening, NOPE!
Don't have to tell this gal nope twice.
Night, night, make that a happy one and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: And thanks for visiting my own idea of the/my theater of the absurd!
You are very welcome.
My present for a respite from reality!
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