That we are in our dry or drought season still!
Collier County, two counties south of us is having a six thousand acre brush fire, spreading during the day mostly due to windy weather! At this writing believed to be manmade, not nature's, horrifically!
When will people realize that dry/drought land should not be tampered with fires or fireworks or even dare I say arson!
Parts of I75 and Alligator Alley, the route from Naples to Miami is closed due to the smoke and flames.
Thousands have been in a mandatory evacuation east of I75 most of the day.
RV and mobile home parks mostly, so their homes are in danger.
Some on vacation, but many are full-time residents.
Fortunately, as the evening goes on the winds have died down, and tomorrow a weak cold front is coming through, and the lighter wind will be on the coastline away from the fire area.
The Red Cross is helping the evacuees at reception centers that will become shelters overnight if need be.
When evacuating remember the five Ps:
People & pets, prescriptions, papers, personal needs, and priceless items.

The news waves have been taken over since early this afternoon with coverage of the fire.
Mostly explaining what is being done and telling people to stay away from the area.
For in reality most evacuees do not know what is going on, as it shows by the interviews.
So they are doing what they have been told to do.

Be careful folks!

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