East is east

Not the last wall to our home but the last one in the parade of pics for publication. (The fourth side the west is west side has our garbage bins on it , and it is our paved courtyard that begins where that vine covered arbor appears in the bathroom window pics are.)
And yes, that is a metal sculpture that could use another refresh!

Oh, with the two bathroom windows and tile wall-hanging I forgot to mention that very conspicuous vine on that arbor off to the left of the photo, it is a grape vine. An attempt at growing our mini vineyard. Back in 2005 I believe it was, for argument's sake let's say it was I had this grandiose idea of visiting all fifteen of them, could be more or less by now, our Florida vineyards. Our weird idea of our version of the movie Sideways, but totally different, not a last hoorah before losing our freedom, since we had been married by 2005 thirty-four years already; just the vineyards part! We made it to one vineyard only, and we purchased that vine there and every year it does produce grapes, but not very good eating grapes, rather sour, and in order to produce wine it is more complicated than one might think and you do need a lot of grapes!

Plus the added issue is that dogs cannot and should not eat grapes because they are lethal to them, and so Hubby pretty much spends the harvest time collecting the grapes for disposal. For a while he froze them, but then what????
So he stopped.

It would be advantageous to remove the plant for everyone concerned, sorta like when the hurricane took out our delish two tone grapefruit tree, yes, it produced both pink and white grapefruits, but Hubby kept sticking it back up with ropes then chains then it finally rotted and died, just as well we are both on statins and you cannot eat grapefruits when on statins! The bumper crop had been given for years to one of Hubby's co-working deputies who had cattle anyway, cows love grapefruit!

Any-who, we still have honey tangerines, ponderosa lemons, mangoes, avocadoes, pineapples, and bananas, so we are good!
Although we have to be pretty quick or the possums, squirrels or raccoons get them before we do, ha!     

Moving on...

I had independent exercise today and I did my hands, arms, legs etc., all body parts for nearly an hour, and yeah, upped many in reps and times!

Then we went over to Fishville, but its parking was difficult and we finally got lucky after about fifteen minutes of circling the parking lots and found a handicap spot right up front and then we picked up lunch at the fish market and took it home!
Hubby felt the crazy business of the masses all converging on an odd day as a Monday was due to the snowbirds last hoorah before heading home!

On that note of I thought most stayed till April, but many out of state and country plates were noticed there so it must have been the economy improving folks, i.e. Charlotte County's; now allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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