Welcome to February!

For us significant things have happened or are happening in this month.
I say significant, since not all were happy happenings.
Our youngest was born on the eleventh, happy, forty-one years ago this year, our estranged son, sad, our anniversary is on the fourteenth with our marriage occurring forty-six years ago this year, happy, but sadly the day after our eleventh anniversary on the fifteenth my mother died, very sad, thirty-five years ago on that date a week before what would have been her seventy-first birthday on the twenty-second.
Yes Mom was born on the same day as George Washington the father of our country, and when my grandpa, my Dad's Dad had no record of his birthday so he decided to choose to share my Mom's; the day, not the year, ha. He was born in the eighteen hundreds in eastern Europe, more unclear since we have been doing our genealogy on that side of the family, oddly enough. I had been told he was from Austria as a child, but these days it could have been Poland, Russia, or one of Czech states, etc...see confusing
That story always makes me smile, but totally true, that is the one about birthday sharing with his daughter-in-law, happy. Oh and the rest is true too.

Oh our son was born on Thomas Edison and Burt Reynolds birthday, happy, I like both those guys, and yeah that describes him, ha!

And yes, our anniversary date was either a  massacre, scary sad, or a day of love, happy, and yes that sounds like most marriages, kidding!

Any-who, it can be a busy month or sad month or what-have-you month like all other months I suppose.

Moving on...

Cleaning mode continues... a small dresser that I had chosen to move into our smaller bathroom, although with a bathtub etc. I had put a pedestal sink in leaving not much room to store things, but it started looking cluttered to me.
Our Number One Son had sold his home and returned many objects/furniture that we had in our home including a wonderful pine dresser so I had placed it in the guest room and was concerned its natural wood did not blend well with the white decoupage with tropical leaves dresser so I removed it into the white bathroom. This was after Hubby completed the wonderful roll in shower for me in HIS bathroom that we now share for bathing. Take that however you like and you might be wrong or not, let me leave it at that... anyway, since even though the full bath that was mine did sort of turn into a powder room, since no one was bathing there any longer... am I losing you, that's okay, I will wait for you to catch up... so I decided for some reason that today I would clean the clutter from the four drawer thin tropical dresser and ask Hubby to help me get it back under its wicker white mirror where I had placed the white cane backed chair with the striped seat that was my re-covered street find into the guest-room. Now with two empty drawers, the other two have clean bath towels, hand and washcloths too and the closet is organized with lotsa hangers making this room welcoming for anyone who wishes to stay for a while, or overnight.
The chair was moved to the other side of the bed and the dresser was placed back where it had been and this time it did not look cluttered to me, hmmm. I had cleared out the white shuttered typed shelving above the toilet  in the bathroom and condensed all necessities and voila, more turn around room and two full baths back to full capability of use once again!

That's all for tonight folks and so now enjoy this new month and with all the people who can do or are doing what they should to stop DJ from his misdeeds we must support the effort to change things any which way we can!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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