"Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it."

Okay, now the title one is not right in my opinion, not all good actions created personal benefit, as sadly not all bad actions don't, as our new president DJ is already horrifically proving. Do good things to do good things not for any other reason.

"If you chase two rabbits, both will escape." Logical, they are living creatures and most likely will not follow the same path, they are rabbits not sheep after all!

"Follow your instincts when making decisions." I am one that does take to this belief, and some times I am wrong, but I own it!

Only the title one was in any order, and it was mine.

Hubby chose to give me all three fortunes, while he ate his dinner, oh he did get all of  the cookies!

"Comme ci, comme ça is a French phrase that literally means like this, like that. In conversation it means so-so, or neither good, nor bad. It is pronounced /kôm ˈsē kômˈsä/ (come see come saw). It should be used with the comma separating the two phrases. Sometimes the phrase is spelled comme ci, comme ca, where the cedilla mark is omitted; however, this is incorrect. Perhaps it will become commonplace as facade did, but for now, keep the cedilla in place."
Thanks to:
And yes it is Chinese New Year and no we are not Chinese, but chose to eat Chinese food tonight anyway! Our usual China City restaurant, and the order was one Pu Pu Platter, small boneless ribs, and crab Rangoon side order, and yes the Pu Pu Platter does come with regular ribs and crab Rangoon but only two of each, anyway our small village is slowly gaining a smorgasbord!
Oh if anyone out there is celebrating the holiday tonight Happy Chinese New Year to you!
Moving on...
To another Humana RX bad mistake!
Yesterday, I called there three times trying to find out what the nominal fee of $41.56 was a charge for.
You see, they are supposed to send me an email telling me which medications they are sending, I had straightened all that out over a week ago, complaining they just sent numbers, not even the RX numbers just unrelated ones and so with me having quite a few with them I wanted them to write which ones by name and for that they needed my permission and I gave it to them, and a while back I also allowed them to charge my Visa.
A BIG MISTAKE I found out today when I checked my account and there was a $442.02 charge from them on it, pending, but billed yesterday! After I had been on the phone with them three times!
I told them that my doctor, my pulmonologist's nurse had faxed over my new asthma medicine and that the co-pay would be underwritten by the non-profit organization called PAN, Patient Access Network Foundation, www.PANfoundation.org, or call: 1-866-316-7263, who had a grant to help people pay high co-pays like mine for all types of medications including cancer drugs. And I was put on hold and they were to get my PAN account info, but never did, after I waited quite some time so I hung up and they always say they will call back, but they never do!
Any-who, when I saw the enormous unapproved charge on my account I went ballistic, but that was this morning, Saturday, their billing isn't opened Saturday, and it was a pending charge to my Visa!
And so I told them I no longer wanted them to access to my card and to ask me each and every time whether I approve of the item being sent and then I will say yay or nay, okay?
And I told them that I was calling my bank to tell them that this was a fraudulent charge, but in reality it was just a do not listen to your customer/ client/ patient charge!
The bank will be removing the charge, which is not even an early charge or anything charge, because PAN is paying the CO-PAY!
And yep, I have to call back Monday both Humana and the bank.
Geez, I sure wish someone would pay me for doing all their work!
Oh wait I did get paid, $442.02 every three months due to my persistent unrelenting doggedness in not wanting to be screwed by BIG PHARMA on needed American medications, Spiriva inhaler for my asthma! Still do not have my Canadian generic of that, waiting... soon will run out! Hey, that's what that title means!
So many good people are out there to help, just try and keep going until you find the one that helps you! 
On this note of I hope that was of some help, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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