Biting the bullet, but Not a happy camper, why me/us, idioms galore!
An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from its constituents usual meaning.
I know this must be fascinating, but let's get back to why we are here this evening...I'm BUMMED OUT!
We're up, we're down, we are turned all around, including upside down!
The stress keeps coming and then my friends we get that awful feeling in the pit of our collective stomachs that aches and aches and seizes up and wants to make you vomit, but you are too grownup to act that way when not getting your way, the American way, all of the popular kids voted that way!
We chose someone and we were told NO!
How dare they!
My heart breaks daily with uncertainty of what will happen to this land that I love from sea to shinning sea!
Oh me oh my why??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
No joy left in Mudville the mighty Casey has struck out!
We are Casey.
Americans are Casey.
Most of the popular voters are Casey!
Hope is lost, and must be found, but where??????????????????????????????????????????

I did my part by voting and when that wasn't enough I signed petitions.
This is the first time in all the forty-four years that I have voted that I have been this disappointed with the outcome, sure my person lost before, but at least they had morality and modicum of concern for America and Americans, not just themselves!
This is horrid.
This is so very sad.
I so wish I could feel more futurism about our nation.
Frothy-Haired Guy, DJ has been confirmed by the electorate as the new dictator of our world, or he could get bored and quit! Then, my friends hope will resume temporarily until Pres. Pence and if he gets impeached then Ryan speaks! OH NO! Gloomy is our existence for years to come... find something to make us all smile my Facebook pals PLEASE!
Who knows what lurks in our homeland... but we all should CARE! 

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