Best Buy and GEMaffair

Best  Buy's refund showed up today credited to our account, oddly enough just after I told them it was not there, curious. In case you forgot they had charged us for another year of anti-virus that we hadn't authorized!
As far as this so-called company they now have tried to charge me for a restocking fee of six dollars, and it was subtracted from my refund that I still haven't received!
At first I thought it was the delivery charges, that were ridiculous for an item that weighed less than a few grams and they were charged $6.99  for the return trip.
I have never been charged for a restocking fee, but then again I have rarely if ever returned things by mail, most of our returns have been by going back into brick and mortar shops.
PS I finally did get my 14K gold and onyx earrings that looked exactly like the picture that they were chosen from, and believe it or not they were from Walmart online; they do not sell real gold and gems in the store, but online only. They came yesterday and were identical to the picture and looked like the ones I had thought I had ordered from, but theirs weren't.
I knew I wasn't crazy and they did bait and switch me, they were selling them under the guise of Sears, and still do.
Sears though will not do anything they say that you have to go through them.
Meanwhile I filed the complaint with my other credit card company that I have been with for over forty years and I had put the first earrings, the wrong ones on, and telling them the whole story of what transpired!

Also we did go out yesterday to Walmart, a rare thing these days, but Hubby and I needed unmentionables, and towels from their House and Garden line, and I took a look at some costume earrings, since over the years my supply has dwindled, and I found three pairs that came in less than my new gold and onyx for all of them put together! Small loops all three, one is gold plated and diamond cut silver and another is a set of dolphins in gold plate in loops too, as well as sideways hearts diamond cut silver and gold plated loops, I have a necklace real of 14K gold and diamonds in a heart  that was a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary gift one for our Valentines' anniversary as well as a bracelet for our thirtieth with three hearts in gold. I had had good gold heart earrings years ago, but lost one of those too.
That's me...oh well... some of us are better off with costume jewelry, although I have kept the receipt for the three pairs to make sure that I don't have any problems. I have had pierced ears for fifty-three years and even so over the years if I have put cheap earrings in them I will still get an infection. Lately though I have been wearing a pair that was very cheap a sale pair from Walmart about half the price of the ones bought yesterday and they were bought a few years ago and I hadn't had the problem so I thought I would give it a try again, but I kept that receipt in case the new ones were a problem; one never knows does one.

Any-who, this was my change gears night, and on that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night, and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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