The eyes have it!

Saw the neurological eye doc today and my eyes are fine. In fact if he didn't know my history with MS and Optic Neuritis and optic nerve damage he said my eyes look as if I don't even have Multiple sclerosis that is if he didn't know otherwise. It could be all those GOOD vitamins I have upped before and since surgery!
So my eyes are great!
No appointment till April or May; their computers were down so I will have to call tomorrow.

Only thing was my appointment was for 1:15 P.M. for today and by the time we saw him it was nearly three, nothing new there! I did get into a room with a tech who could not figure out how to test me in my chair, so other than reading from a card and having my eyes dilated she did not do much else and the rest of the time was spent waiting to see the doc, we both became a bit perturbed.

I wrote an article/letter in the editorial section of the Sun Herald years ago about just this, and that there was supposed to be a bill in government that would allow us patrons, since we aren't patients anymore just customers or cattle. The bill was supposed to be able for us to charge the doctors for our time of being held up waiting! It was years ago, maybe fifteen plus or more and it was supposed to come to pass, instead with all the insurances upheavals they have been double booking all of us thus the waits! Geez then too!
Perhaps, the overbooking is to see how many of us will just give up and go home, who knows, wonder where that Bill went, hmm?

Moving on...

I suppose my antsy-ness was enhanced by my severe tummy ache. I had used their facility to relieve myself, interpretation went to the bathroom to do my duty so to speak, and all that came out was a terrible rotten egg smell of sulfur!
Fortunately, even though I still had not seen the eye doctor I was able to do three things to help myself, take a Pepcid and recline my chair and raise my feet; I did all three!
And it helped enough to get me through the actual doctor exam, and I was good so we left.

I reclined the car-seat too, and even my chair back into the house, I got into bed once inside. Hubby brought me ice packs, three with towels to wrap them in for my tummy and I called my bariatric doctor's nurse Mary.
She said it sounded as if I was having some gosh I can't remember digestive churning into something bad,but she called in Zofran for nausea, but I was not nauseas I was in pain and bloated with flatulence, next I was asked what I had eaten and I told her and we determined what I had eaten was not the causal factor. Between my ice packs, Pepcid and ice pops the pain diminished and I will be able to take a third Pepcid for the day soon.
I did have some soup for dinner and more green tea, but I still have that bubble in between my breasts that I get often, no fun!
This was the worse of it so far, at the other doc's office, maybe the wait set me off? Who knows, probably not.
At first I was concerned about my blood filter, vena cava, that maybe it had punctured or something, but I never passed out. I would think I would hemorrhage if it did?
Anyway, I told Mary, the nurse of my concerns and she suggested to call tomorrow to ask to be seen to schedule the removal around the fourteenth of next month, the sixty days will be up, which would make it two weeks from tomorrow anyway and with the holidays I may have a wait, uh oh, hope not.

Well that was my day I hope yours was more productive and less painful and I suppose it is time to be the first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next\ time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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