It Arrived!

Three days earlier than was first quoted by the USPS, how does that happen?
It is okay though, now that Buddha is here he is on his makeshift pedestal of a golden metal box where he is situated for all to see on the half wall/bar dividing the kitchen and the living room!
His bronze-ness does appear rather grand upon its stand.

Moving on...

Today, I had another session of PT, I told my evaluation therapist that I was exhausted and in pain when we came home yesterday from being pushed too far.
They made me walk with many stops fifty feet, and when I arrived home I ended up in bed for the rest of the day.
I was taught by the state health department to help people to help themselves course and was for the purpose of teaching, and one main thing in that course is to listen to your body!
But it appears no one was listening to me, when I spoke up and said I could not do it, I was very frustrated, and they were egging me on.
I reminded them I am not a patient that will get better, not a joint replacement or a stroke victim or any of the ones with arthritis, which I do have also, with the best thing for all of them is pushing themselves past their point of pain and for those endorphins to kick in, the opposite for me with my Multiple sclerosis, especially Secondary Progressive!
My exhaustion is difficult to bear, and the pain caused by the pushing almost made me look to my Gabapentin that I had weaned myself down to only 300 Mg. from 1800 Mg. and my Baclofen from 80Mg. to 40Mg.!
I do not want to go back to those large quantities ever again!
I have gotten rid of my blood pressure medication all together, as per doctor and significantly low blood pressure without any need at all!
Okie dokie; now than why go to physical therapy one might ask, hmm?
Well, to prevent atrophy!
The same reason even a person with paralysis would go!
To me it is simple, any activity is better than none at all.
But it should be according to the abilities on the patient, not an Olympian!
I have no races in my future or competitive dancing either, so why must I compete with people cheering me on, making me feel worse instead of better, since I pay every time I do more than I should!
So perhaps I will be told there is nothing they can do for me, but that would be a lie, since I have seen them work with others that they have expected realistic goals from, why am I any different?
I do know they have known me too long and think that I can do more, but to me they are in denial of my actual abilities!
So I told the truth today about how I can still walk with the walker, but then my muscular syncope kicks in after I do too much, which basically means my legs don't work, period!
Thus my reason for my Hawkings' chair, Stephen, the astrophysicist with ALS. I'm NO Stephen Hawkings, but apparently my neurologist doctor's explanation of the severity of my illness was enough for approval for the nearly thirty thousand dollar chair to be approved of by Medicare and for them to pay for it, the whole thing.
I suppose they do that regularly, NOT!
That's all I am saying so bug off!
Sorry, very, very, very frustrated, bad day! 
Waiting for Buddha's peace and harmony to kick in, but he's in the great room and I am in the bedroom.
One of us will have to move I guess...sad sack day.

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