Busy getting ready today for tomorrow...

...as I suspect most of you are too.
That is most Americans do at this time of the year, Canada has a similar holiday celebrated in October, and many other countries in the world celebrate this type of holiday. The holiday or feast was begun to celebrate the fall harvest by the the native Americans and pilgrims when before our country began and also being thankful for our families and friends and of course the abundance of our hard work in the fields then.: http://www.history.com/topics/thanksgiving/history-of-thanksgiving

As I had mentioned our Number One Son will be coming down here with his girlfriend of more than five years I believe. They know, but I forget, oops! They also will be bringing dinner too!
They are both in their forties so it is less and less my business what they do, but they will not be taking home any leftovers, since they will going away on another one of their many cruises this weekend to the islands or central America. I worry with all the news stories of illnesses onboard as well as other issues like weather, most recently a Hurricane Otto now diminishing to a lessor storm, but as I said they are quite well established adults, so saying anything could be taken the wrong way.
I just want them to be safe and healthy since I love them!

The best part about these kids are that politically we all agree, so no fights with any of that!
And hopefully no arguments about anything else either, we usually are all very agreeable.

We have fine entertainment scheduled of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade a yearly event forever as well as the dog show after!

I suppose I am an odd wife/mother since that football with a husband and two sons has never ever been a big deal here, my Dad loved all sports on TV and it was a BIG part of any holiday get together!

Miss it, and him and Mom too during the holidays and our big family get-togethers of twenty-five to thirty, these days even the family that is left is thousands of miles away!

Miss that too.

Love to all and please have a wonderful safe and very Happy Thanksgiving!

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