Up very early!

And I am not sure if it's due to nerves or excitement  or probably both.
Gathering things I have to bring, my CPAP, for one, trying to get it to go back into its lovely case! It is somewhat of a puzzle.
Oh well, Hubby is better at them than I, so I suppose I will leave it for him on the dinette table.

Certain medications need to be taken before we go; I can take just three prescriptions in pill form, and one injectable, my Copaxone and my Anoro Ellipta, an asthma inhaled medication that also will be coming with me as well as my emergency inhaler. Eye drops with too, check! Even my Walker is needed for me tonight to get out of bed, I was told. My Ride will be in my room too. So much to do and not forget!

I did write it down on my cute kitchen blackboard Hubby and I made years ago, with blackboard paint and wooden letters that say, Bon Appetit! It was made to be used for shopping lists, but it has been handy for so many other notations.

Got up about a quarter to three, not too terrible. I figure this way I will be out, out for the surgery and real tired when the post surgery pain sets in, weird logic but it has worked before!
I will have an IV line that has a setting, low I assume to allow me to have as much or as little of the heavy duty narcotic pain medication that I will need, no over dosing I presume. Scary, even so.
Hope it doesn't become a problem. Hubby has picked up the oxycodone for home pain, only five mg. and forty pills, no refills, really good!
Don't want to do my own version of Breaking Bad, ha!

That's all for now; will write more if I can later!

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