Streaming issue with Netflix!

Funny how the Smart TV has NO issue with Netflix but the laptop does, on hold with them now, Netflix that is; just answered and "they are diligently working on it right now! Keep checking!"
That's what I like articulate and concise!

Did something today that did not involve doctors, oh wait that is not entirely true... we went over to  the hospital that nearly killed me in March to use their lab for an additional pre-op test the bariatric doc gave to me a prescription for Thursday, a MRSA swabbing. Yep since I was in the hospital three times since January even though I did not stay overnight they need this preventative test. Good grief what if I have it and it has been churning in me all this time...WHAT!
I truly doubt it, but apparently this is a requirement with this sort of surgery and its facility, only hope I don't go home with one!
Nosocomial diseases are rampant as we all know in many facilities.
No stone unturned for this particular surgery, and happy for all the precautions, although this one sounds more like I would be the threat to them than them to me, hmm?
After we went up and back about three times through their abundant hallways, from the emergency entrance to the lab and back again, (due to it being Saturday, when I called yesterday they of course told me the hospital lab was open 24/7, so I thought so was registration, oops did I assume, shame on me! Actually it is but not a separate entity as during the week an emergency room takeover on the weekends.)

After that we went on the good-bye tour of places we like to frequent, that is eat there!
Olympia was number one, Bonefish Grill made the list although we had not been before and today was the Cultural Center, yep for lunch, I had soup and fruit and salad and Hubby had pork with mashed potatoes and peas. Actually, I only ate the salad and fruit due to the chicken in broth, not noodle soup, so allowed with veggies, but it seemed too salty to me and Hubby tried it when I asked him to and it was too salty to him too, so I left it.(Not worth returning it, since the center is a non-profit and meals are very reasonable there, so why bother them on something they would have trouble fixing anyway.)
Then we visited the thrift shops there and nothing begged to be taken home so we left to go to our last destination for the day, PUBLIX!
And believe it or not we stuck to our list, even with me there, a rarity!

For dinner Hubby had said earlier before we left the house that he wanted to have ribs from Wally's for dinner tonight, which of course they are a no no for me except in minute quantities so not worth the bother, but I said that he should anyway, and so he did! They now have broiled fish, basa, on their menu so that is what I had with eggplant and Cole slaw, Hubby had his half a rack with a  twice baked potato and also sweet slaw.
Our orders were picked up and brought home and the portions for Hubby were enormous rib wise, so leftovers, my sides were leftover, but not the fish which was portioned just right.
Hubby joked he couldn't find it, to him it was so small!

Reasoning for my good-bye tour of restaurants...
For several months after surgery I will be on a pureed and liquid diet, could be four months or more. And the nurse Mary said, even after I will be eating like only a spoonful of this or that's, so I won't be going out so much, unless I ask for "doggie bags" a lot! I suppose that is doable.

On this note of not another boring day, but not too exciting either, just right... allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all of your blessings and share all of your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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