"Never spit against the wind."

Yes! The farewell tour continues with fortune cookies happy endings from China City, was where Hubby went for our dinners tonight.
He ordered for himself a PUPU platter and I had the steamed Chinese vegetables with shrimp, no rice.
I really thought the title deserved an exclamation point, but it had a period instead, more telling and more defiant!
Sure I agree with its content, since it would not only be foolish, but quite unsanitary too!
Metaphorically though I suppose it has more to do with not looking a gift horse in the mouth, again, or not? You decide.
I did receive two and the other was, are you ready, "Service to many leads to greatness." Oddly political; how interesting that the ancients believed that, and we Americans would LOVE that to be true. Oops I ate my cookies, taboo! For shame on me! Just a couple of days left till surgery and the prep is the same as for that horrid colonoscopy, actually the colonoscopy isn't the bad part the prep is.

Hubby's first one, fortune, sounds redundant, i.e. "first one", "Sift through your past to get a better idea of your present." Freud in  the room? It seems that was always his goto reasoning, ha!
Hubby's second, "One's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."
Another that I thought deserved an exclamation point, such a truism in my book, yours too I suspect.

Fun, fun, fun, wherever you can get it, hmm?

Moving on...

I had a rough night and almost thought I was a victim of my filter, painful sleep but no fever.
Still a quite a bit sporadically today and so I have been using my iced packs full tilt and instead of just two for my thighs that burn and twist always as my cute side effect of the MS, now for my neck and right side of my chest.
Fortunately they send you home with a list of all possible problems.
What did I say?
Oh well, I am  wary and cautious even though the only way back from this point of no return would be emergency surgery to remove it after it does damage, if not too late.
Hubby has been given instructions on notifying any or all class action suits if it does!
Nah, just feel I was backed into a corner health wise; another case of damned if you do and damned if you don't, you know.
Anyway, I figure just a couple of more days till surgery, bariatric sleeve and the injectable blood thinners and so if... it has to come out it can then.
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