High protein low carb diet!

Seems as if I have been here before.
Years ago that is how I ate.
Now I am supposed to lose ten pounds in six weeks without the ability to exercise!
I don't know...
Nerves are definitely coming into play with this whole thing.

Was feeling better this morning, but somehow the stress and anticipation of the whole bariatric surgery project is more complicated than I believed it would be.
I hate to give up with all that I have been through with having
passed everything else with flying colors so far.
The other issue is the vascular surgery the week before to prevent clots while recuperating.
When I Googled the type of surgery there seems to be a whole bunch of class action lawsuits having to do with that umbrella thingy or similar ones.

I did a lunch out with Hubby right after, he seems to not understand that I am now on this diet.
We both ordered the pot roast, and I had him take most of my breadstick and potatoes and gravy.
He also thinks with me going on these very strict diets, now and after will not allow him to eat his usual, chips and cookies etc.
He was not happy!
Which added to the stress.
So many things came out today about what has to be done before during and after he seemed not happy to hear most of it, more stress.
That consequently makes me hungry, so I eat.
Vicious cycle.
And my body has become exhausted.
To me the surgery is a life and death decision that is all I can do to stop this obesity from killing me. Ironically, I quit smoking ten years ago to live longer and then became obese!

Oh well...
Just wish we could skip to this time next year?
Will I be here thinner, or here at all?

So tired now... Good night.
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