Here we go again...

Today, we had a rude awakening.
Well, not really rude more like an inevitable somewhat unexpected need to take care of something that we sort of hoped we had a bit more time to do.
A necessary part of the Florida lifestyle, a necessity.
Air-conditioning, central, but of course!
Ours has had so many band aid fixes placed on it over the years so much so that we were able to tweak years more well past it's life expectancy, twenty-two years in all. In air-conditioning  years that is nearly ten years longer than most, and past its expiration date!

Heat, sun and salt takes a brutal too early demise on them all in the south.

So after Hubby spent one scary thunder and lightning night repairing the fan's spin performance and even purchased another.The housing was so brittle a pro was called in and temporarily fixed...until...Tuesday when a shiny next generation more efficient one will take its place,Ta Da!


The end...for now.
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