Finding out that things you worry about for no good reasons turn out fine, makes one feel foolish...just a thought.

Any-who, we all have days as adults where we allow ourselves to ponder our past choices that we made in life. Don't get me wrong not regrets, but if we had turned right instead of left or vice versa.
Just another thought.

Does fate happen to us or do we make our own...
 pretend religion does not intervene. I said that only for my friends who believe that way, but for argument's sake take it out of the equation.
Another consideration.

Are we truly alone in the universe or are other life forms out there?

Why is the sky blue?

Who am I really; or you?

On these poignant/silly questions I pray that you are safe, dry, comfortable, happy, and with the ones you love!

The weather will change and so must we!
Go with the flow, etc. etc. etc.

Bad day again so being nonsensical is why this is so odd, forgive...TTYT!

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