By Rote

Meaning of "by rote" is  memorizing by use of/ for repetition.( I know that you know, it's me just recalling.)
No, oldies.
Nothing new in news.
It appears that daily we are considered the news channels students, since they feel we must need to learn "by rote".

Just an opinion.
That's what I do here. 

Something to observe for yourselves, if you haven't already, but I bet you have.
Just another one of those opinions.
Why not; they are free.
Who said the best things in life are free? Seriously, who said that?

Oh wait, not opinions; I do believe they meant things like sunrises and sets, noticing the beauty in the world like oceans, flowers etc., appreciating what you already have, shelter, a bed, daily meals those sorts of things.
The ability to rise from your bed and again, that sort of thingy.

Okey dokey now...

Where was I, hmm...
Journalists, read the news and get sent out to cover "breaking stories", don't they?
They collectively speaking, also rush items off of Reuters and AP too?
Are we not entitled to see or hear, or both as many as we can?
Who decides what?
And could we be missing stuff that is if we don't take the initiative to find out more from as many sources as we can?
Thank heavens for the NET i.e. INTERNET! (You knew.)
We must be responsible consumers of news like anything else in life.
That is all.

Love to all, be well, peace, and share those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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