And so it goes...

I really, really wanted to let my hair grow, but today I decided to cut it nearly all off!
Decisions to do so was quickly made after I had to ask Hubby to blow dry it this morning! My arms were not willing to complete the task. Low blow, pun intended, a smidge of devastation too.

Next I will be asking for help in the bathroom, NOT EVER! Hope to die before then, maybe not... but you all can understand, true?

Any-who, PT was again today with Jeff and I beat my own personal best with standing four plus minutes in four divided increments, but I did it!
Silly, really that so much we take for granted sometimes we shouldn't, ya know.

After was the big decision fulfilled, but does look nice and it is easy care; just wash and let air dry!
I have had this short plenty of times before, especially while teaching Aquatics for those four years.
No fuss no muss truly, ha.
The longer hair made my neck too warm anyway.
And this style although short doesn't even make me look like a pin head, ha!

We had lunch at Olympia, Hubby meatloaf and mashed potatoes with green beans plus New England clam chowder, me house salad and shrimp Creole, ice water and side of lemons for both!

Too much girly stuff tonight sorry friends, but even at this older version of the girl I once was it's days like today that makes me realize how quickly things appear to change in one's life and that makes me slightly sad.

Love to all, be well, peace, and share all those blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS : Forgive the introspective reflecting; but I seem to lose a little of what makes me me every day, oops!

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