Geez this is embarrassing...

...I had requested people that do read this anyway to just join my blogger folks, it's easy just sign up on the right side of this post or any post (of mine i.e.), and the results were shameful (mine, shame that is.) since I got bupkiss, nada, nil, not-a-thing, no one and that is the embarrassing part, still that minute amount of eleven to admitting reading my blog! Well, how come as many as I have said before that fifteen hundred do in a month's time, but remain nameless, let me know that you are there, come on, please.

Oh well...this IS way too embarrassing, me begging... I love you anyway!

Although... on the brighter side two more joined my followers on Facebook and now I have two hundred and two, FAN-TAS-TIC and thank you all ever so much!

Moving on...

Substance is probably what you are waiting for, and so here is some...I told you that when all else fails Bernie would support a Hillary presidential run, he is "the man", after all, fine job sir, a gentleman always who spoke his decision today to believe that Hillary will be a good choice for president with his honesty and warmth backing her all the way!
And of course she will be the right choice over the horrific presumptive GOP candidate, true!
Sanders' supporters need to join the outcome that chose Hillary for the nominee and to turn out in the numbers needed to make the win on election day a truly BIG win!

Another move on...

PT, physical therapy today again with Jeff, mostly all on the parallel bars, Jeff had an assistant today, Hannah, a nineteen year old University of Florida student in physical therapy. She gets college assessment, but is a volunteer, she mostly observed. She is local, but that school is in Gainesville Florida, hours away, where our younger son finished up his education in their nuclear engineering department through the Navy.
Afterwards Hubby ran into get the ink for the printer at Office Depot, and then we stopped over at
Target's to see if they had any fish, but no, we did pick up a floor mat for our laundry room there though our laundry room that also is our mudroom and access to the garage.
The most recent one was once pretty, but now is holey, and was not much for stopping grassy dirt from coming into the house. The new one is more the outside type with a rough surface that should scrap shoes and Gus's little feet off before entering the rest of the house and our white floors!
It is black with an anchor design, one BIG one, which is fine since the laundry room has a nautical décor.
Lastly we ate lunch at IHOP, probably for the first time in twenty years, it was their fifty-eighth anniversary today and they had short stacks of pancakes for fifty-eight cents, two cents less than back in 1958 when they opened. But alas we had lunch, Hubby a cheesesteak and me a grilled chicken salad with pecans and a wonderful citrus sauce over mixed greens, and I also had their very delish chicken noodle soup and Hubby had their potato soup, we enjoyed those as well, both with iced water with lemons on the side. Tuesdays are senior discount days there, which was another nice little perk.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS thunder is roaring in my background, outside, and so I felt it best to end now!

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