200 followers 5000 friends; no complaints here!

That is my Facebook tally, nothing to complain about, but both fluctuate daily, down and up for followers are possible, but even the 5,000 friends goes to 4,999 or 8 and goes back to the limit pretty fast, nice! I'm getting a kick out of this! As we all know I'm easy.
Sure 200 followers are not the most one can have, but still are pretty darn amazing!
Thank you folks!
May I suggest also to join onto my blog where for eight years at this time I seem to show only 11 followers, which makes me sorta sad; but here's the interesting part over a thousand read it monthly, some months nearly fifteen hundred, true? Which keeps me going!
I wonder why they don't admit it?
Am I NOT a guilty pleasure to truly be embarrassed about reading and discuss?
Come on folks, we all have them, hmm?

Moving on...

Any-who, today I had one of those bad MS days where you think it could be a stroke, or a heart attack or YAY just my Multiple sclerosis making me feel horrid.
Dropping half a dozen things, numbness from the head down to my toes, but on both sides YAY since a stroke is only on one, chest pain so bad I had Hubby take my blood pressure that also gives the heart beats, pressure low and beats high for me and resting, but still with in the normal range.
No heart attack, no stroke only explanation nasty day with good ole MS!
Going to the hospital is a waste of time and can in my case be lethal due to my previous experiences, so nope I will not go!
Anyway, if this continues they would just call my doctor to ask about putting me again on IV steroids for a few days, and no I don't want that!
Fattening, necrosis and heart disease are just a few of the too many possible side effects.
Still in bed.

My new first time ordered hospital style bed tray will be arriving tomorrow, since lately I have been in bed more than most places in the house, home, our sanctuary.
I read the reviews online and for the money this one was the best deal for $44.99 on sale, the Drive brand, the same as my two walkers, and I thought that I pushed the button to deliver it to the store five miles away for free delivery, but I guess I didn't and the charge was only $4.97 for delivery to our home on the fourteenth, but I took a chance and called the customer service to rectify my mistake and...they took off the charges and still are delivering it two days earlier tomorrow to our home from Walmart!
Okay, I have been angry with Walmart too with the way they have been treating their employees, but I understand they have been working on it, and that is my reasoning for shopping there, plus the price was right and they were the one that came up when I Googled the product, and that's my excuse the only one I can come up with, hmm?
I am a get on the band wagon type ole gal from way back with injustices, but some do change or at least try to? My motto reads well below.

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS the answer to my question of the day of,  "Why is it my tenth anniversary and for what?", is...
Ten years ago today I quit smoking cigarettes, and no I do not smoke anything else... yet! Ha!
And on a sad note today would have been my cousin Lionel's birthday, but he passed away this past December, and he is sorely missed by his loving wife and seven adult children and all the in-laws and grands too! What a legacy he has left, all that love, what a guy he was.

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