What a day!

Good and busy, but not as busy I suppose as many of you all were out there in cyber space or as Al Roker says in your neck of the woods, hmm?
Well, for us it was.
Hot, hot, hot is how it is here!
Sure we have an air-conditioned home, car, and everywhere we go they have air-conditioning too!
The hot part is going from the buildings back into your car that becomes one heck of an oven once closed up after you leave it and remains that way while the air-conditioning slowly changes that once again back to your comfort zone when you arrive there to turn it on!
Our schedule was a 10:15 A.M. appointment for my physical therapy at the sports rehab, forty-five minutes worth.
Next back to Home Depot for a third handrail for the new shower on the back wall under the new glass block windows for me to hold onto as I sit on the bench seat so I don't slide off; there is really no way to, but it sort of feels that way. You see, it is slightly slanted to allow water to run off, but to look at it you would never notice. There is another one, handrail, on the other end of the back wall at the end/alongside of the four foot bench, and another is vertical next to the toilet!
After that we arrived for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays at the mall.
Hubby had a bacon burger with fries and I had soup and salad, both with iced water with lemon slices on the side.
And then we went over to Beall's regular store in the Town Center Mall, same as where Ruby Tuesday is, not their outlet, and looked for another bedding set, they were have a thirty percent off sale on many lovely comforters and pillow sham sets, but even so in our needed to be king size they were still around one hundred bucks, so we nixed the sets for a better deal somewhere else, but where, is the question! They used to be more than just three pieces, now only expensive ones are more pieces.
Our original set came with top and bottom sheets, two pillow cases, two pillow shams, reversible comforter, as well as a dust ruffle! Ours is still rather nice with a tame seashell print with colors that run from teal, eggplant, beige/golden, and white, it is our third one since living in this home that is in nearly eighteen years in this particular one, our third home in Florida, and the one that we have lived in the longest. The first one was a rather nice patchwork quilt that many admired, and the second was a little over the top very bright colored fish print! Imagine the latest animated fish movie and it's predecessor's too!
At the time I was in love with living on the water, still am but cannot take advantage of it like I used to, and thought it advantageous to theme up our home, and thus the taming since then.

So why not keep the one I have, well due to the step Hubby made for me to get up on the bed I think it ripped the dust ruffle where it is not in a seam to sew! (Although, I temporarily put clear packing tape on the reverse side to hold it together; shush, don't tell anybody please! I know yuck.)
Either my step or our Gus, our Havanese mix rescue dog, not too sure.
The step makes more sense since he doesn't do things like that, and it is a straight line cut as if caught on something, ya know?
There is also a unknown where or what caused its stain on the striped side that no matter what I do I cannot remove it, so it stays on the seashell side with the darker teal back ground. I used to flip it for summer due to the stripe side being a lighter shade of tans/gold, purple, and teal stripes on a lighter beige background, actually looks a bit like ticking.
But it will due till I find another at a price we can live with, and subtle in nautical or seaside lovely motif!

From the mall we went to Sam's Club for gas only, it was $2.18.9 a gallon there only a penny cheaper than the route 41 ones up to there, but we had gone up that way for Home Depot and the mall anyway.
After our tank was topped off we arrived back at the Promenades Mall where the rehab is and Winn Dixie's is too they had mailed us a circular that had a few items that we wanted like peaches and other fresh fruit at good prices. Peaches were a dollar a pound, cherries were $2.95 a pound, bananas were just sixty cents a pound, and so we picked a few other items that were BOGOS, buy one get one free.
Plus they even sold lobster bisque soup!
We picked up dinner as well and arrived back home with time to spare, but a bit longer than we like to leave Gus, over five hours.
The recommendation is to only leave any four-legged friends for five hours at the most due to them needing to go out, but he is a BIG sleeper and that is what we expected he was doing, and he doesn't mess a thing!
Hubby took him out right after the perishable items were put away.
I guess to most ordinary, oh well...

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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