An interesting word in my title, hmm?
That can denote romantic thoughts of a cottage in the woods with just you alone writing poetry in that woodland cottage, or possibly of another thought of connotations of seeing a scruffy elderly hairy fellow living in the woods alone with just the bare necessities of life, or even just of a crab that lives in its shell with that name, called hermit, ha?
Or someone who stays inside, an agoraphobic, who suffers of fear of wide open spaces and crowds that defines the term.
In my case though it is a periodic symptom and my way of dealing with the weather of it being way too hot, so I too stay within my abode!
Unless I must leave my temperature controlled indoor climate due to obligations or heaven forbid a prolonged power failure and out of gas for our generators, I stay put!
Yes, the lazy hazy days of summer have arrived early here again, around March.
And the early heat of nineties then had higher humidity with it, higher than usual due to an unusually wetter dry season. These days high eighties with nineties toward the end of the week with humidity, going up and down, ah summer in Florida! The cool down shall be here by December, as usual, yippee!

Heat or too cold are both horrible things to deal with as we get older, since many feel that our body thermostats can go on the fritz, which means we do not adjust to or notice the extremes in temperatures.
But add in any illnesses to that mix and we can become dehydrated too easily, as well as have horrid spasms, not unlike Grande Mal seizures with Multiple sclerosis, like I get way too often with temperatures that conflict with my body!
So the best resolve is to stay in places where the indoor climate is controllable to what one might need.

In reality, hermit is defined as a person who lives away from others due to religious reasons, searching for inner peace.

Interesting how we can give more meaning to something so well and simply explained.

And it is true that with me having my "Hubby" I could never be considered a hermit.

Now I will allow that to sink in...

Love to all, be well, peace, and blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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