Should we or shouldn't we?

That is prepare for the tropical storm now named Colin in the Gulf of Mexico, southeast of here.
The local weather station out of Fort Myers Florida that is about fifty miles south of here is saying that Colin should be going way up north of here to our Big Bend area, where the state has its bent area giving the peninsula an Italy look and that is a couple of hundred miles north of us, but then in the next breath it is saying to be prepared?
Maybe it's because when Hurricane Charley was supposed to go one hundred miles north to Tampa from here back in August 13. 2004 and didn't and at the last minute it took a hard right, right into us with a category four storm!
A CYA, cover your ass, forgive my cringe factor language, type of thing, perhaps?
Being prepared for these things is always better I believe.
More info available at:
Another what would you do?
Love to all, be well, blessings and wish us luck for tomorrow is when it/Colin will be making landfall.
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
 <b>Tropical</b> Depression #3 upgraded to <b>Tropical</b> <b>Storm</b> <b>Colin</b>, still headed ...
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