In the midst of Colin... #3 Tropical Storm of the season!

Rain has been training down on us (outside) in inches, windy, with gusts in medium double digits MPHs, and the high waters in our canal, are not quite over the dock, but over the seawall by just a few inches, and so far so good.
Tornado warnings have been south and east/inland of here, but it's not over, yet.

Our day was the usual indoors, although since I slept/napped for over two hours yesterday for some reason I never got to sleep last night or at all or even today, oddly enough I'm not even tired.
Oh wait!
I just remembered I took another nap today, but only for about forty-five minutes, sleep seems to be way overrated ya know, hmm?
I know all you medical types out there are cringing now with that silly concept of mine.
Oddly enough when this has happened before the following night I do sleep quite well and for that restorative number of hours of seven or eight, could be six, but more than none!

The site below gives you the latest on Colin:

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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