Anyone for an ark?

Days and days of rain and more in the forecast!
The skies are so dark, even in the midday, and here in the state nicknamed the Sunshine State!
Gloomy is now what we are, perhaps we are now the Gloomy State; could it be our new moniker?
Conducive for napping, not much else, and so I did imbibe, yes drank in the lazy sleepiness of exhaustion that moisture outside with dark foreboding cloudiness causing the skies to create.
Lazy hazy days of summer are early this year!
No relief from the teeming rain until next week; so they say...
All that weed and feed spread on the 28th of May did work, but now the rain has made it difficult to mow down the healthy stalks of emerald greenery!
Although, Hubby is determined in spite of the drizzle that begun again!
Yes, he has ventured out, no thunder or lightning now, just the mist.

Moving on...

Can slander charges be far behind for one of the candidates in the GOP, added into all those other law suits?
So much has been said that is at best suppositions and without actual proof, why can some people be immune to prosecution? (Hopefully not.)
I am baffled.
Freedom of speech is one thing, but outright lies is definitely another, true?
Words of warriors are still needing to be proven to be acceptable as legitimate claims in this our litigious society? (In some cases, as this, apropos.)

More wonderment than anything else at this point.
Someone set me straight.

Love to all, be well, blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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