Alternating days, candidates decided and bits and pieces

Days of busy switched off with lazier days.
Rained all day today on and off.

Moving on...

The election: Gosh I was surprised that Hillary took New Jersey with all my old school chums voting for Bernie!
She made her nomination historic with attaining all the delegates and super delegates needed pledged, being the first woman in either party becoming the nominee.
I still feel the Bern, but I wish all my FB buddies numbers were greater, but sadly they were not.
Now I guess they can understand about their expats who have transplanted to the sunshine state and wield enthusiasm and still failed as well... ahhhh oh well.
Dear friends now what?
Are we too going to the convention with stubborn resistance, as if Bernie, to the presumptive nominee being who she is?
Denial, and then what good are we going to be?
None of you would vote for the, dare I say, the Frothy Orange Haired Guy!
And not voting would be just as bad.

Hillary, may be to many not so honest and having many flaws, but is she a downright despicable hateful, chauvinistic, racist, imperialist, dictator whom will have their maladjusted mentally skewed ability with access to tap their finger on that nuclear button to end the world?

Okey dokey now folks, let's get real, it may come down to, and does appear to be coming down to the lessor of two evils.
Personally, I do not believe the choice is that difficult, Hillary and she will have additional support, a twofer.
Come on we all know that Bill was a great president, but a lousy husband!
A given.

In closing we all must come together to make the next presidency one that will be supported by all, and that so our votes count make sure that the cabinet, and senate and house too will be united to make the machine finally work smoothly with the change we need to see!

Upward and onward friends!
Get over it what is not and move on to what will be, if...and VOTE!

Love to all, be well, and Blessings!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

 PS Reality must give into dreams at times.
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