Mind blowing!

The night time interview shows scarily were discussing my wild concept from last night's blog, as if the Frothy Orange Haired Guy was acting/misbehaving the way he was to actually help his pal Hillary!
I do not for once or at all think that they could be reading this crap that I spew nightly, but it was one of those wild coincidences, ya know?
The interviews were with either sides family's members and was shown in clips on the morning magazine network TV shows, crazy!

Any-who, if I reached one, any "one", that would be a BIG surprise to me, ha!
Not referring to any of you of course that was meant for the political peeps.
Sure they look for stuff on the net written good or bad, but when I speak of the one who gets all the FREE advertising, months ago I chose NOT to use his given name on purpose to add to it, but you all know that, could they know too?
I suspect the way they find things they have those minions checking all the possible mentions of them anywhere and everywhere, by name though, what else, so if they were to come across my infrequent mentions that is miraculous in the sense it is not that dissimilar to finding a needle in a haystack, ya think?

Gosh, I hope that they are staff who are paid, not volunteers doing the hunting/searching for free, although I doubt it.

Moving on...

Yellow is a nice color for a sunshine, some times a room or a house or even a dress or furniture shade, but not for a person, especially if they have jaundice, heaven forbid!
So when after weeks of trying to regain some normalcy with the color on our circa 2004 Sony WEGA 32" 160 pound living room TV, that after the hurricane rebuild it had come in at 1K paid via portion of insurance monies, and the folks on screen remained YELLOW with no matter how Hubby tried to get them normal looking again, and so now we have found its next generation replacement of a Magnavox 40" Smart LED WIFI accessible plus more fun stuff yet to be tried.
Hubby has it temporarily set up on the bar between our living room and kitchen, since we got it today instead of when Number One Son was here yesterday. Number One Son had found it at Sam's Club for on $249.88 plus tax and recommended it, since our TV is on most of the day and this one uses only eight dollars a year to run! (Hubby now is waiting for the young neighbor fellow to be available to help with the moving of thee ye ole heavy TV, moving day is probably tomorrow.)
Looking forward to those miniscule electric bills, yay!
Actually, we have had a reduction for the last several months, you see air conditioning usually makes it go way up, but ours hovers at around one hundred, but we do have a tiny home, although our electric bill has been nearly two hundred a few times for the month.
We close our blinds and of course since the hurricane and rebuild we have decent windows, really those were the year before, but additional insulation after in the new ceilings that actually were found not having any previously in this then 792 square foot home built in 1958, now at 1100 square feet with jalousies gone and proper windows in and all new electric and plumbing, screen room now an enclosed sun room and additional bathroom and closed in garage instead of a carport, as well as indoor laundry room this tiny space is tight and better environmentally functioning everyday with newer appliances replaced that meet all the energy saver requirements...

Okay, I know I have visited all this before, with the pool, pond and lift and dock seawall etc. all since we moved into this fixer upper that had been an eight year rental prior to us buying it so close to the harbor five minutes by boat away via our saltwater canal.

Alrighty now it is time to thank you all again for keeping me on your reading material list, and on that note of being very lucky having you, I know that it is nice to be had, bud dump bum...allow me now to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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