I did this before... so here I go again...what if?

The Frothy Orange Haired Guy is playing a joke on all of us?
Go with me here...
History makes it appear that the Clintons and his family have been long time friends, photos remembrances on newsreels allows us to have proof of a more than disinterested relationship between the two clans, tribes, families; why even their own daughters have been BFFs for years.
So, what if this is a ploy, a slight of hand, a subterfuge of actually making the Hill more desirable to her naysayers if...... and this is not such a BIG IF anymore if we no longer feel "the Bern", sorry folks, but realism is sneaking around about of understanding what it appears to be the narrowing of our choices.
He has come across before as what they used to call a flim flam man, i.e. Frothy Orange Haired Guy.
These above accusations are shear speculation and plausible possibilities.
Let's face it his words have been over the top and quite close to insanity for what most would consider any normal human being stating, true?
But he continues to claim that he is sane, hmm?
So if this is true, that he is not totally bonkers, why would anyone in their right mind make such unbelievable comments that irritate the multitudes and causes others to boldly without second thoughts of logic agree?
Okay, yep, I do get it, manipulation.
Although, that is used in business practices with even decent people going after what they want, but is it a course in Wharton's curriculum for graduation? I surely do not think so, probably not.
Notoriously he is a man that has a short attention span and gets bored easily, except when he is like a dog with a bone and stubbornly having to win whatever he believes the prize is.
But after that thrill is gone...his enthusiasm diminishes like most who attain what they thought they wanted when the actual relevance of what that means come to light?
They of his ilk usually toss the win away!
For it is no longer any competition and therefore no more fun of their "game play", so they are done.
What do you think?
Or is this whole concept as off the wall as a possibility as everything else in this run for the Whitehouse for our next president?
Just another odd thought from me...

Moving on...to more important topics!

He has now passed another one of his many medical tests that he has recently gone through to make sure all is well.
He did have several very pink polyps and one larger one being sent off for biopsy, but his Doc told him that he is sure that he is 100% sure that Hubby is cancer free, YAY! (Doc also said Hubby had the polyps of a fifty year old, all removed now.)
The doctor has asked him to come back in two weeks for the results of the biopsy though.

All is fine, he was reassured, just procedure.

On this note of all is well, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!     
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