Daily grind

We all know those words.
Their meaning has been used from everything from discussing types of coffee to newspaper names to the tedium of our days, usually during the week.
Probably other euphemisms could lay claim to those two quite descriptive words, hmm? 
Any-who, in our case this movie gal/reviewer here is back to regular programing watching, thus my daily grind.
Having just twenty-one channels is not as lame as many of you might think, and darn you anyway, how judgmental, almost as bad as moi, ha, although our twenty-two years of that significant miniscule amount of decision makings daily oddly to us it is more than enough.
And with all of you consumers of those two hundred plus choices I feel sorry for you, yep, I do.
Ask me why?
I can't hear you!
But that's okay!
I will tell you anyway.
I bet there have been more than a couple of days and nights and weekends when you have had some rather loud discussions on which program to watch, maybe?
Sure you have ten TVs, one in each of your rooms, but still there had to be an occasional conflict when wanting to spend, "quality time" together thinking that you chose the "perfect" show to share with that special someone or family member or both, and they had an all together different idea on how to accomplish that outcome of attending to add to your closeness, ya think, hmm?
I'm just saying...
Okey dokey now let's think about all that money I have saved over these years, why not?
I do believe those monies are somewhere with the ones that I have saved from quitting smoking way back on July 11 of 2006, still looking...
Anyway, somehow I am supposed to be wealthier without those two things and healthier due to that BIG one, but to both sadly I am not, and I just thought of that, well not really, but for quite some time I have been wondering.
So what!
That is not where this story was going to go.
Choices, that is what I was thinking this could be about.
Life's decisions about some that are extremely important and others that are not at all, true?
In the bigger picture of things does it really matter what you decide to watch for entertainment purposes, that is without political, educational or any other significance or value nothing more than for pure enjoyment, true?
So this topic has been defined by the fact that whatever is important to you is how YOU probably will choose the significance of choice in even in things as benign as watching the smaller than theater screen in your own daily grind at home, bud dump bum...
Oh well, and a BIG never mind.
As we all know life goes on... thankfully with or without these major decisions in our little lives, although... when we vote and everyone eighteen and older should that does make a difference so do that, be sure to do that and that will be the best thing to change things, hopefully, and making a difference will mean by doing such a tiny thing and DO NOT ARGUE PLEASE!
Just do not vote for him please!
Yep that Frothy Orange Haired Guy, DO NOT!
Thank you.

On that note of finally making a point allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count all those blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS next time for a week's worth count how many channels you actually watch, I bet it isn't even ten, deal?

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