OT PT both!

Working to get me moving a little bit.
But oh darn, prior to the exercises my pain level was off the charts!
I done did it!
I upped my ingestion of that Gabapentin medication, 900 mg. so far three doses of 300 mg. a couple of hours apart and another 300mg will be at bedtime.
Proudly I had lowered my dosage all the way to 300 mg. from 1800mg. for a few years, but a couple of years ago when I herniated a disk I was told to increase it, and it is for pain, but non narcotic, powerful though in its own right, it's also used for epilepsy.
The thing is I can tolerate it very well compared to other medications used  for pain, not lethal for me!
What had happened is that I have been experiencing that burning sensation that had been generating only in my legs but today it was happening to my entire body, NASTY!
Dysesthesia is what it is called and not uncommon with Multiple sclerosis, and the appropriate treatment for it is Neurontin/Gabapentin that is the generic name of the same medication, fortunately I had just gotten my prescription refilled for three months' worth.
The ice packs still were used, but didn't work anymore.

I hate that I had to give into drug use.
I have very mixed emotions about having to use any drugs to help me.
When offered pain management treatments I refused due to what they do, injected into your spine numbing or narcotic pain meds that last only temporarily.

At least with the Gabapentin I can use it at the higher dosages while I need it and hopefully wean myself off of it eventually again, like I had before.

Moving on...

This time Astrid the OT, occupational therapist, was early, fifteen minutes.
I know today is cliffhanger Friday and my only left soap opera that I do enjoy watching is General Hospital.
I was temped to leave it on for its last fifteen minutes and not say anything and watch it, but I politely turned it off.
She was here about forty-five minutes as Stan the man PT, physical therapist arrived she left after they greeted each other. Astrid had brought me a commode that sits higher above my toilet and has sides/handles; it also can be used as a night potty alongside the bed in an emergency.
She will be seeing me twice a week and Stan will be here the other three.
I had trouble walking after my isometric exercises, Stan is determined to get me to walk better longer and without my legs collapsing under me, like they had today.
Stan was here for just a half hour.

Hubby and his sidekick, Gus, the Havanese mix rescue pup/son, were again working in the garage nearby, but not in the midst of the therapies.

 Moving on to the future!

Coming soon, check it out! https://www.babcockranchflorida.com/

Here is something exciting a solar town of nineteen thousand plus people, plot of land the size of Manhattan NYC, with schools, homes, hospital, businesses, a real modern community in the works; all info at the above sight.
And not far from here.

On this note of some times we just have to look towards the future, and with that thought allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy healthy safe and peaceful good night and ask you all to kindly count your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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